Trying to focus on one thing....Am I missing anything/tips?

by homerj
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Hi all,

I have a vision of setting up a website which will look to achieve the following and I would really appreciate any comments of encouragement or things to consider doing differently as my time on here has been limited but feel like information overload has occurred:
  • Automated news feeds on my chosen niche
  • articles written around specific topics within my niche - "10 ways to" type articles
  • Launch and build profiles on social media sites to link into my website - generate commentary and interactions
  • Have some videos uploaded onto you tube and then embedded around some topics within my niche on my website

I have wordpress installed locally on my machine to start building this and have gathered some of the tools I need with regards to the social media interaction but my main issue is about getting traffic to the site. What should i be looking for in terms of keywords to ensure that I can get ranked and attract enough visitors?

For traffic, I have seen that facebook can be a good authority builder and with the right approach, likes can come cheaply and freely or almost freely.

From limited time on here, if I link my website into the you tube videos, this again will provide some much needed authority and if my articles are written well in 10 steps type format, these help with the SEO(?)

I am not expecting to make a shed load of money on this straight away but I thought the best way to start building my authority up was to get people to see me for free and trust me. I have even considered implementing something like buddy press for a forum to help my viewers/visitors talk with like minded people and/or having a weekly email. Maybe have an monthly prize draw for my email subscribers as a way of indirectly buying traffic?

I am pretty sure there are ways to monetize this site but i am not wanting to look like I am whoring myself out to blatant advertising all over the place. My focus has to be getting volume/quality traffic to my site first.

Ways of making some money off the site to start out would be to have select affiliate/cpa links to relevant companies within my niche.

Does it look like I am on the right track with this idea because my eyes keep seeing all these "interesting" ways of making money?
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    If you're new to IM, frankly i'd recommend you to go through a path where you can see daily results.

    For example, when i've started (long time ago), i did it monetizing my sites with Adsense.

    It was the best decision. Within a few days, i've started seeing my first daily cents, then my first dollars per day and so on. That was ---> daily motivation (& Feedback that was doing the things ok).

    If you don't see results, you may get desperate (you don't know if you're doing things well or wrong or if things work or not). Example: if you start by selling ClickBank products - just to say something - and get 1 or 2 sales per month, you don't get a daily motivation & feedback on what you're doing good. Doubts, Confusion and Your Focus goes to hell.

    It's easy to lose the focus. More if you don't have Feedback.

    Don't know how you're monetizing your sites, but think that it's a good way to get started (this if you're new to IM). Look For Simple Things That Give You Fast Feedback + Motivation.

    Just My 2 Cents.
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    Thanks for the replies, it is much appreciated. I am around 10 days into the world of IM and I thank you for taking the time to respond.

    In answer to ddev, I have plans to try and monetize the site to get my first £/$ as soon as possible and I have identified a few affiliate programs that will sit nicely on my site and should offer good commissions if they work.

    The thing that puts me off about adsense is that I once read an article on it, admittedly some time ago, but in essence the question asked, why would you promote your traffic to go elsewhere. This really strikes a chord with me on the basis that I want to create a community of people that visit my site on a daily basis.

    Im not sure how much control you have over what ads are shown on adsense but to me it would be like facebook advertising google + before the visitor had even established that facebook was the authority site etc. May not be the best analogy but hopefully you see what I am saying in that I want to get people visiting my site regularly and that any calls to actions I put on my site will be at points where I am sure they have the information and will have the desire to return.

    As part of things that have been considering doing, I had been leaning towards promoting clickbank products and had thought about this with the plan of setting up a squeeze page and trying to list build. However, my market is UK specific and felt that if I wasn't careful, I could end up spending hours trying to build a list which ultimately could include a massive amount of people not intended for my products/services and if I could only reach a small % for the site I want to do and promote ultimately then how productive would it be in reality.

    I think that article is very apt Kerrbee and was if I have ever been guilty of anything in the past is not focusing on one thing at a time. I have ideas coming out of my ears and they all feel like the best ideas but reality is that I need to put all my eggs in 1 basket and when they have hatched, I will fill that basket up with more eggs.

    I think the plan is now, to write up some articles, 10-15 and then get someone to review them and make them SEO friendly and going to read up on SEO a little bit more so I can start trying to work out what I need to call my website and what keywords to attack.. I am going to see what other gems I can find on here but if anyone has anything to contribute from a SEO point of view or keywords point of view then I would really appreciate it.
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