How do you check for plagiarism in ebook?

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Are there any resources available to check duplicate content and plagiarism for content in ebooks? For example if you have a 90 page ebook, do you copy and paste each page of content into the service to check for plagiarism/duplicate content?

Please advise.
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    Anyone? I guess some of you guys use some resources or the other to check for plagiarism. Kindly respond.
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    Are you talking about copyscape? If so, do you typically copy and paste all pages into that software to check for plagiarism/duplicate content?
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      Originally Posted by trishworks4u View Post
      Thanks Trish.
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    It is a little more difficult to check an ebook, as most likely the material is not published on the web to find.

    Some people may break down some PLR ebooks and publish the pages as articles, but if not, the dupe checkers can't find it.

    You could search for the titles and the content of the sales page to also help find copies.

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      Another quick check is to take snippets and simply Google them in quotes. Choose several sentences or phrases you don't think are likely to appear. If they do, it means you need to look more closely.

      It's certainly not definitive, but it can catch some of the more flagrant violations.

      For example, I got an article as part of a PLR pack awhile back that was much better written than the others in the pack. When I checked, Google popped up with a page from Amazon...
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    Can not be done.
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  • The EASY way to check your ebooks for Plagiarism.
    If you have a blog there this is the easy way.
    1. Just place the ebook into a new page with the title and PUBLISH IT.
    2. then go to copyscape's main page enter in the full URL with page permalink.
    delete the page when finished.
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