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First of all, I want to say that this is not a promotion for something I currently have on The Warrior Forum.

What I hope it is, is an insight on how this forum can help grow your business, create friends and relationships and earn you some very, very good money.

Just like something I have done here on the Warrior Forum recently. It wasn't a WSO, it was simply a review of a product.

1. Finding The Gap

A couple of months ago, I wanted to purchase some software for my business that was version 2 (I already had version 1). The launch of this product didn't go smoothly, and I was forced to wait over a week before I could get my hands on it.

During that time, I wanted to see inside the product, I wanted to see what it was like before purchasing. I was pretty amazed to find that a large percentage of the reviews I was coming across were done by people who:

A) Hadn't even got the product, or
B) Had copied and pasted content from the sales page, and added some worthless PLR as a 'bonus' for clicking through their links. (IMO).

In fact, I found it hard to find proper review that wasn't either the promo video that was taken off the actual sales page to the software these people were 'reviewing', or the sales copy, copied and pasted.

I also have an email address that I only use to opt into peoples lists. I was surprised to see, from even some 'big name' marketers (or those I consider to be a big name, and whom I trusted) taking the low and easy route and just hitting me with a load of BS. BS being again, worthless bonuses that although looked all shiny on the page, were useless because it was a) old PLR that I have seen rehashed 100's of times before or b) looked good on paper, but on thinking about the bonuses, were not something I would ever use. Moreover, some of these marketers were offering such bonuses, imo, to to flesh out the quantity of bonuses on offer, and knowing full well that the majority of people would never take them up on such bonus.

2. Creating Value

I have seen similar threads, for product launches in the past. Just post after post of copied and pasted content on the page, some using crappy article spinners to make them look unique, and then affiliate links.

SO I decided to do something different. I decided to do something that a large percentage of people in this industry don't believe in, don't do, and that is perhaps why they fail: I decided to work hard and commit to offering something of value.

So I set about creating a review that took people through everything. From the purchase, to the download and installation, to playing about with the functionalities of the software right up to using the software to create something that would be used in my business. Further to that, showing people what I had before, to what I created using the new software.

I showed them inside the monthly membership package (including telling them I was a little disappointed with it), I showed them what would make the software better. I showed them some of the glitches, I showed them what things I found difficult.

I also answered many questions, and even helped one person install the software. I still have questions coming in right now, through here and my blog.

3. Steering Clear Of The BS

I know I am going to get flamed for this. But just recently, I have grown sick and tired of the hype and BS that surrounds not only this niche, but another niche I am involved with.

In fact, my blog that I started in February tries to stay clear of such BS, and now just recently, a complete change in direction for my sales page for my best selling eBook. No BS. No pie in the sky 'You Can Make $8,371.04 this month using this eBook'. Just one broad figure, and even two sections demanding that the purchaser be a committed entrepreneur - who would not be retiring/buying a Ferrari/pushing a button from what I share in my eBook.

So I steered clear of the BS, and completed a thorough review based on my experiences with the software. No fancy graphics, just a good, solid down to earth review along with my opinions and thoughts.

Because my business is based on the following core behaviours and attitudes. It goes through my business from everything I do now, from my eBooks to my blogs to my affiliate sites. Here they are:

HONESTY In the software I purchased and reviewed, there were things I didn't like, there were things that could be improved. The software isn't perfect. But I wrote about this, and commented on it in my videos. People appreciate honesty, I know I do.

Why? Because people will find you out. If you say this product does X, the person then purchases and find it only does Y, then what will happen? Well firstly, they will never trust you again, and secondly, they will probably go and get a refund.

TRANSPARENCY My paid advert has affiliate links in. But the advert does inform people that the links are affiliate links, and I will get a commission if they do go ahead and click through and purchase.

Why? Not only am I required to disclose such information, I want to disclose the information. I give people that choice, that if they have found my full on review helpful, then they can say thanks by using my link.

The Moral Of This Story

The Warrior Forum is a GREAT place to come not only to learn and be in the company of other like minded individuals, but to earn some very good money.

While I don't want to disclose exactly how much, the review (which I have worked hard on to offer something useful, especially the videos) and the thread have been extremely profitable for me so far, and continues to be so (I still update the thread and respond to questions and help people wherever needed).

But there lies the key, in the very paragraph just above. I have worked hard to create something useful. I have seen some other similar adverts, and no work has been put in at all. Just some worthless bonus thrown in as an afterthought, or even, a copy and paste job from the sales page.

Maybe that works for them, but I wanted to create something that gave people the ability to make an informed purchasing decision, and that is what i think I have achieved.

So I thought I would create this little thread to say that this forum will and can work, even for you - as long as you are prepared to work hard and offer something useful and valuable.

Thanks for reading,

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    Thanks for the great share, yes the wf forum is one of the best place to start making money with IM

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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      I wonder you all see those ad ..mention "paypal boaster" whatever regarding paypal stuffs..

      well yes I been scam before....i believe many of us here also been scam before isn't? and learn to be alert ...slowly to know which programs worth to invest /buy..

      lucky that dude refund me.......I feel is a "scam" way to earn from others..

      sometime I do admire these scammers..because they have the idea , concept to think of it and people get believe , trick..into buying.

      also got cheated on buying referrals the end...

      no wonder that dude ask me close the case in paypal...

      after my fellow forum friends explain to me how paypal
      I came to know no wonder that dude ask me close the get refund..
      because...once you close can't open case anymore..

      well...I forget it..since only few bucks...

      I hope can find honest internet marketer fact that why I come here.
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    If you create a thread which is useful, then a percentage of people will click through to the link(s) in your signature to see what else you are offering.

    Always add value first.

    Kind regards
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    Yes, offering something that valuable to warriors.... then you can earn more.

    Besides the money, you can get a good relationship also.
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    very true.
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