Do Old Websites have value?

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I have a number of sites that are 10+ years old. They are things like forums that are no longer active (and blocked from new signups). Most have pagerank, but not a lot. They probably at least make enough to pay for themselves in Google adsense each year. Is it worth it to keep sitting on them or should I get rid of them or even try to revive them?
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    they can be valuable if the prs are real, the links coming into them have good trust etc, espcially if you could get the history on what keywords they were targeting in the past and its relative to a niche you want to promote it may sometimes have an advantage . or use it to build a blog network so most of the page rank is flowing to you and not a bunch of other outbound links.

    But i never actually done this , just learned from here and there on WF, can someone else could clarify what im saying?
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    Even if they're with low traffic...old domain names is the best way to accelerate any new website ranking, do you know that purchasing old domain names to build sites will save you years of link building and trust? Google trust old domain names and they will be ranked fast and easy.
    My final word, you have a treasure that need some work.
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    They could be gold if they have good keywords. If they're just random words that have no market, then they probably aren't worth that much.
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    If they pay for themselves just keep them for now.

    From time to time go through your collection and pick one to remodel or develop. If that turns out nicely pick the next. Just make sure that you do not waste too much time with it.

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    Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

    Is it worth it to keep sitting on them or should I get rid of them or even try to revive them?
    The first or the last, I think. Depending on circumstances and what else you have to do, and so on. In your position, I certainly wouldn't be getting rid of them because "you never know".
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    Probably worth something.

    Do people buy stuff related to the niche of the sites? If so, at the very least, i am sure there are some affiliates/webmasters who are willing to buy them/develop them.

    The value depends on too many variables to list, and of course the niche.

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    Aged domains are worth keeping, especially if they have been developed before and have some traffic. Either reinvigorate the websites, nurture them and flip them. Or, because they have PR, you could sell some links to other webmasters. I have a number of links on various high PR sites pointing to some of my properties. Some are $6 pm, and some are $30+ pm. Keep them pretty exclusive and don't overload the OBL, It can be a good income stream if you do it right.
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    I'm a firm believer that aged sites are valuable relative to what Google likes particularly. Where it took some of my sites out during panda/penguin, it didn't mess with the aged sites as much even though they needed a lot of updating.


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      No matter how old or new a site is, it's only worth what someone will actually pay for it.

      I do agree with the other posts that if it's paying for itself, its worth keeping.

      Probably worth reviving too if they are making some money, should be some room for improvement and increased earnings
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