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I wonder whether anyone has come across this problem with Optimizepress? I purchased it recently and tried to install it onto my system but got a file upload error. Apparently my upload file size limit is set to 2Mb and OP needs 64Mb.
I have a reseller hosting account with GoDaddy and cannot find anywhere to adjust this setting. I've tried to contact them but no reply so far. If you can help it would be truly appreciated as I have spent quite a bit on the theme and cannot use it.
Thanks everyone.
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      Thanks, you make it sound so simple. I'm afraid you're talking to a non-techie. Looks like I need to learn about FTP. Your help is appreciated, cheers.
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    search on the net for a program called file zilla. PM me when you found it I'll try to give you a mini lesson its not all that hard. I remember learning the darn ftp stuff myself. yuk
    if you want to just look for a free tutorial on it online. search filezilla +tutorial that way you can go at your own pace. Filezilla is free
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      Hi Claire
      Thanks once again for your kind offer. Even though they didn't reply, Godaddy did fix it, my upload limit was changed without any notification. Still, I suppose that's good service so its only fair to say so.
      Seemed like I panicked too soon.
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    I couldn't upload to my server because of the file size. It was capped at 10mb.

    Instead of going the FTP route, I contacted my server ( blue host), and asked them to increase it to 50mb, which they did.

    And now it's uploaded. I haven't had any issues with OP2 and hopefully won't, but them I'm not using it to its full capacity as yet.

    I did start work on it, and was going to list a link to share my 'creative skills', but have since pulled it in deferance of further design.

    And that I'm on tour...

    Hope this helps.


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    Looks like you have sorted the problem. Upload limits are normally set at 2mb but your host will increase the size if you ask. I had forgotten about this myself until i recently moved host and ran into the problem while trying to upload OP.
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    FTP is a skill everyone in our industry should know. Don't be tempted to get others to do it for you because then you never pick up these simple skills and you will always be reliant on others for very basic tasks. I am quite amazed how many of my customers have no idea how to use tools such as FTP and it's because they have always just got others to do it for them.

    I suggest you download a free FTP program called Filezilla. I then suggest you jump on to Youtube and search for Filezilla tutorial videos so you can learn how to use FTP. It's not hard at all but is definitely something you should learn. Using File Manager is not a very user friendly way of uploading files.
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