Any good article marketing tips?

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Have any good article marketing tips (assuming I'm a great writer!)?
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    There's too many to list!

    To harness it the most, make sure you're building a list from it. Always link to an opt in page. Even if it's a subject you don't know how to monetize immediately, you'll figure something out when you're making contact with a group of people (your list community) who have needs.

    Find headlines that catch your attention and emulate them for your own subject. It's great to check the Weight Loss category of Ezine Articles because there's a lot of people there working hard to write titles that get noticed. Just apply them to your niche and voila, awesome title.

    Optimize your resource box. Article views are a sign that your headlines are working, article clicks are a sign that your resource box is working. I've been able to get over 35% for some resource boxes - it's important to test what works because it won't be the same for every niche.

    Use a's amazing how much you can write in a short amount of time if you just focus.

    Have you tried it before? What kind of results have you gotten? More specifics will be helpful since article marketing has a few different sides to it.
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    Building a list is the most important thing. Another thing that you should focus the most on is your resource box as that can make LOT of difference. Even if your articles are of great quality but if the resource box sucks and has no call to action then your results are going to suck too.
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    I have found that a lot of my most popular articles are a series of tips, ways, or techniques. Numbers seem to draw attention.

    Five Ways To...
    Six Tips for...
    Top Ten...

    Break up the content with subtitles. It makes it more readable. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.

    Provide good content for your readers but don't tell them everything. To cite an often-mentioned quote from Jimmy D. Brown, write content that is "useful but incomplete." Give the readers a reason to click the link in your resource box.
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    I would say to keep your focus on your resource box on your reader. Don't use that space to talk about how great you are, use that "call to action" space to offer assistance to your reader in a problem they are most likely facing and tell him to click here to get the answer!
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