How do I make a good ''About'' page?

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Hey Warriors,

First off I have to get this of my mind, skip it for the real content of my question.

I know I've been asking for a lot of commentary/value lately, but I'm really learning to adapt a new mindset on giving value.

How can I be of service to you, instead of the other way around.

Still though at the moment I have little to no value to offer to this community, so I'll have to soak up some more knowledge first. And what better place than the WF Forums right?

So my question is, how can I write a good ''About'' page and is it really necessary?

I've learned that factors like scarcity, authority, social proof and people liking you are absolutely essential factors for making a good sale.

I figured that by writing a great about page, I could really connect with the customers on who I am and hit at the very least the factor of ''people liking me.'' (Same goes of course for my friend Reno on here).

Here's our current ''About'' page. I'm very open for criticism, please don't hold back on anything. We've already heard it's not good, so we're looking to either get rid of it or improve it.

Because I want to be more of a value-giver than I am now, I'll be sure to find gems and diamonds of value I will share with you here on WF.

(Here's a small one: Check out the Next Internet Millionaire TV Show and look for the middle parts on speeches from Top IM Gurus. Very insightful in my opinion.)

(Another one: The revised edition (2001) of the Napoleon Hill audio book Law of Sucess is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend it for anyone here.)

Thanks very much,
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