Press Release Strategy for new ecommerce site

by buwa84
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Press Release Strategy for new ecommerce site

Hello Warriors,

We will be launching our ecommerce site on Nov 1st and would like to find out a good press release strategy. What would be a good press release strategy.

I heard of some press release website as Webwire and prweb. Other than these what else is out there. Also should I submit to all website at once or should I periodically submit one website at a time. And what kind of traffic do you get from these PR's
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    Fill your boots: Press release threads.
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    I haven't done this yet, but I see a lot of my competitors use prweb, so I have been planning on using soon as I come up with something press release worthy that it...
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    You probably won't get much out of it, it's not what it used to be. I had a commercial account with PRWeb (about $3,000 per year) which basically let me submit the equivalent of their $275 release, but most of the big sites (Yahoo, etc.) are setting the links to nofollow now, and the scraper sites will spin the content so you can end up unintentionally getting links from bad neighborhoods.

    Ron Rule

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    It depends what you want to get out of it. Are you purely looking for backlinks across the web, or are you interested in real press coverage in newspapers and magazines, etc?

    I'm sure I've said this before in threads regarding press releases, but I feel it's really important so I'll say it again - what exactly is newsworthy about your new business launch? Businesses launch each and every day, so you're unlikely to grab any great coverage from that. Find your hook and think about what makes you unique, and what would make journalists interested. Did you overcome adversity to build your business? Did you have a totally different career then decide you wanted to start afresh and go your own way? Are you using some kind of new technology that will revolutionise how you do business?

    When considering your strategy, make sure that you've given this just as much consideration as where you'll place the finished releases. I guess the same could be said for the likes of guest blogging - you could have the world's best strategy about how to get posts on the big blogs in your field, but if your content isn't up to scratch, it's pretty pointless.

    Good luck with it, and good luck with your launch :-)
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    Ruth made some awesome points, and I wanted to throw in one more tip to help you figure out where to actually publish your press releases...

    Before you bother with any press release site, check out their distribution list (that's the list of news outlets that they send their releases to). The good ones will have media outlets that you've actually heard of (and alot of them!). The ones you need to look out for are the sites that claim they have a "huge" distribution list -- but there's no one on it that you've actually heard of!

    One other thing that may help you find good press release sites is to Google your target keywords (or something specific about your niche) and look in the "News" section. Odds are there's going to be a press release up near the top. Find out where those people published their release, and check out the site for yourself.
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    I've found it very hit and miss.

    Sometimes the traffic and sales have been amazing from my Press Releases, and sometimes I get almost nothing (read lots of spent money, no sales in return).

    But here are some places I have looked at. I have only ever used PR Web and Webwire.

    Paid Press Release sites
    PR Web

    Dean Giles
    Instant Profit with Step-by-Step Books
    Or Profit with
    Google Keyword Planner Exploited

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