Do I need to get an LLC for my company?

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I am starting a new site in the next few months and I am looking to get some companies to purchase so ad space on the site...
In order to do this do I need to get an LLC? or anything like that?

Any help would be greatful... thanks

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    For small amounts of extra income you don't initially need a company. However, if you're aiming for a decent and long term income you should register as a sole proprietor or start an LLC. IMO it's better to do that earlier than later.
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    The only true answer is you need to spend a bit of time with
    your CPA laying out your plans and projections. They'll be able
    to advise you properly and most will charge nothing for the initial

    That, of course, assumes you intend to build a real business. If it's
    just a hobby do whatever makes you feel good.
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