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I am looking for ABC 123 no brainer training on creating an information product that can be sold on one of the Click Bank alternative sales platforms.

I need training that leads me through step by step and gives me connections to inexpensive people or companies that can help me with all the ancillary contacts to complete what I want to do.

Please help.

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    There are many, But one of the best would be from a warrior called Kevin Riley.

    It is called Product Creation Labs (Plain link)

    Check out his products on that site

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      John Thornhill claims to be a top click bank seller and he has a program where you pay him about $2,000 and he guarantees your success with step by step training to create your product. Then he mails your product to his list of thousands and recoups the money you spent because of all the sales he gets for you thus guaranteeing your success.

      Can anyone tell me if I can find a course that is much less expensive than this one by John Thornhill?..... a course that will allow me to succeed if I apply myself and study and do what I am told? I do not want to spend $2,000 on a course. Thank you.
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    Why are you looking for a paint by the numbers solution? I love the term information product. Well, not really. Think in terms of a book. They almost all start as books. Books are products, no doubt. Books can be turned into audio products, videos, courses comprised of modules, tutorials, guides, manuals, special reports, etc.

    Still it's a book. So why not decide what you have to offer that people want, need and can afford and write a book on how they can get it? Something that will add value to them. Something that solves a problem or makes them happier somehow. That's what you really want. And guess what? The info product you'll end up buying to show you "Info Product" training will be a glorified book too.

    Stop making it harder than it is. An info product is just a book, maybe a repurposed book but still a book. I know some will take issue with this but that's okay. Good luck.
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