Can any successful women bloggers here answer a question?

by ronr
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A family member who is really good at thinking up new craft ideas, repurposing, recipes and more (for older women, grandmas, etc.) and stuff started a wp blog about a year and a half ago. For a while she blogged on a regular basis but finally after not having any traffic she stopped.

It's too bad because I really think she has the talent to have a successful blog but obviousely something is missing. Since she is older she doesn't do a lot of social media.

Is that the problem? Do you have to be an expert at facebook, twitter, pintest, instagram etc. to be successful?

I think she has the talent and writing ability to be successful and want to encourage her to try again.

Any successful women bloggers willing to take a look at her old blog and see if they can spot a problem?"

Is it too unfocused?
Is it the apprearance?
The writing?
Does she have potential?

If you are willing to take a look please PM me and I'll send you a link.

Also any recommended blogging courses for someone like her?

Thanks, Ron
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