"Creative Commons license" - Anyone explain in Englisgh?

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Hi all

Someone on Elance has produced a Wordpress template for a project i am working on, they have sent me the zip file and it includes a License.txt.
The license says
Creative Commons Legal Code
*Attribution 2.5*

At the top, now It looks to me like the person has taken a Wordpress theme from someone else and just changed the header a little and removed all the links from the footer.
However in the zip they also included the original footer which has links back to the site where they got it.

I thought that if they are released under the creative commons license you were not allowed to sell them.

If anyone knows anything at all about this stuff I would appreciate it.

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    technically they can say they aren't selling you the template. Just the work hours put into the job. With a creative commons license it is up to the author on how much freedom he gives you...in other words what rights he gives and what rights he keeps.

    I believe that is pretty much how it works. You need to see the original license shipped with the original template.
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