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I see that many WSO's are centered around products that help affiliates generate traffic, how to make money quickly, etc. Trying to decide if it makes sense for us to offer our products which are self-help oriented (stress, sleep, weight loss, etc.) as a WSO. Appreciate any insight.
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    I've studied the personal development market here and would say no. Stroll through the WSO section and count the self help offers. There aren't many. People here want fast money. Most aren't interested in personal development. I guess I should qualify that. There are many here interested in it though they aren't buying those types of products here.

    I've been here for more than 5 years and have seen only one (there may have been others I didn't see) very successful personal development WSO. It was a set of hypnosis audios geared to... ready for this? Geared to orient your subconscious to accept wealth, money, success, etc. The sales copy was shamefully hyped to resemble an MMO offer. So it goes...

    By all means, if you think you've got a winner give it a shot. It's not that expensive to test the water and you just might be the exception to the rule. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply, travlinguy. Being on the merchant side and just recently offering our product to affiliates, this forum presents some interesting insight into the world of affiliate marketing. I can see why a hypnosis product that revolves around making money would work well here. Maybe we should rethink our branding (insert sarcasm).

    Digital self improvement programs from stress relief, improving sleep, weight loss, relationship advice and more.

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    Hi Brett,

    I've personally never seen many of those types of products as WSOs, and while I'm pretty interested in those areas, I can't imagine buying something on the subjects from the WF. I come here for marketing and online business info, so it's a different mindset. I'd look elsewhere for those other products if I wanted them.

    Have you thought about selling the products with PLR rights? The buyers could then go on to build their own niche sites/info products in the area and make money with them. If you can create great content and have a lot of knowledge, that could be a viable option for you. Similarly, it might be worthwhile for you to take a look at Clickbank.
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  • Hey Brett- I think there is a place for these types of products on the forum, especially if you cater the WSO to having the right mind-set when it comes to IM and how to focus and take consistent action when it comes to IM. It is very easily to get distracted in IM, so if your WSO helps people focus I think it might do will.

    See there is a sub-section of the forum that deals with personal development and self-improvement: Mind Warriors - Success, Power, Self-Improvement

    So there are warriors who are very interested in the topic as you can see.
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