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It seems Google is talking about leaning more and more to it's authorship ranking for SEO.
Even though the purpose of article marketing isn't for SEO purposes, does anyone insert the rel=author tag your content in case the big G goes this direction.
If they actually do want quality content and they begin to use authorship to establish rankings, good article marketers will have an advantage in the future.
Article marketing just makes more sense than ever as Google continues with it's algorithm changes.
Quality content put infront of your target audience to build a trusting relationship. Sounds good to me.
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    Good question, I know it helps on your own web properties but not sure about article directories. Might test and let us know?
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    Like the whole "+1" saga, I believe this is just an attempt to scare people into using Google Plus, which is stubbornly persistent. I don't believe it will ever be a significant ranking factor until sites of top quality embrace Google Plus en masse.

    The public rejected Google Plus, so Google went on the offense. Google Plus is now almost completely tethered to, e.g., YouTube, where apparently it's even going to become mandatory in the near future. Now Google seems to be oh-so-subtly indoctrinating its flock of SEO sheep in the ways of Google Plus.

    It's a stubbornness driven by mortal fear of Facebook.
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