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I just got paid by certain organization to place an in-content link in one of my articles. They paid me $170 on an annual basis.

Do you guys know of any sites/organizations that pay in-content linking similar to this?
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    What type of link? Can you explain more?
    Is it similar with sponsoredreviews?

    Angga Rakasa
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    do a search on google for more, but from my experiences, advertisers who join these programs want to pay less for the links because the competition between publishers is high

    For example, you will get 10$ a month for a PR 2 or 3 link regardless of the content quality. They will look only at obvious stats. You can earn more for every link if you have a higher PR website, but don't expect to sell a lot, as I said, competition is tough.

    Instead, focus on writing quality content and high paying advertisers will come. I sold a text link ad for 550$ for a website per year ( only with PR4 ) , but that site got about 80,000 unique visitors a month, so I could have made the same amount from adsense for only a small text ad. However, for only a small text link it worthed.

    I am selling related text links for 30$ per month on PR 3 website, but I wait them to contact me directly.

    Be aware that google do not like this type of advertising. Make sure you place only related and quality links.

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