Buyer of High Price is Angry After Learning About Cheaper Downsell and How to Remedy It

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Okay, so my buyer (not in internet marketing niche) buys my more expensive bundled product (super ebook set), and then later learns that I have a "similar product" (smaller ebook set) and she is angry; saying she would've bought the cheaper/smaller set if she knew about it. I can believe her since if we go shopping at a department store and there's a sale the day after we bought, we feel bad too.

How do I address this?

1) If I give a refund for the "extra" ebooks of the super-set, I'm concerned that this "news" will spread; and then other customers who want the super-set will buy the super-set and then pretend to "be angry" so they can get a rebate on the extra ebooks.

2) On the other hand, I actually do believe, from the buyer's email, that she feels betrayed and would've bought the cheaper set.

3) I don't want to scrap the downsell system because it's been working excellently for me for a long period already (almost doubled my sales... this is the first such complaint I'm getting)

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    How big of a price difference and dollar amount are we talking about?
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    I have 3 tiers... $97, $47, and $29.95.

    Buyer bought at $97 and claims she would've bought only the $29.95.

    Note that in the end, it doesn't cost me any variable cost coz it's just an ebook. I'm more concerned about setting a precedent...

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    Since it is a bundled product offer, bundle fewer products in your down-sell offers.

    For this one lady, refund the difference between what she paid and what she would have paid. The goodwill you are offering could turn her back into a loyal customer.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
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