How Much Should I Pay To Outsource This Project?

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I'm not a programmer and also don't have any knowledge on that. but i want to create my first plugin product or a software product that solves a particular IM problem. And i have decided to outsource the job to a freelancer to do for me.

I heard odesk can be a better place to outsource this kind of job

First, how much does it cost to outsource this kind of job?

And how do i monitor i get the best from the freelancer, as i have no experience on programming field?

Please i need to know these before i proceed to outsource the task.

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    I've spent anywhere from $15 to a few thousand dollars on plugins, so that's a range so you get an idea. It depends on complexity. oDesk is fine.
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      You haven't given any information about what you actually want built, so no one will be able to give you any idea.

      That said - don't let the cat out of the bag here. Just go list your project and get bids because whatever cost you list, you are going to get bids that have nothing to do with that dollar figure anyway.

      Plugin creation can be cheap, but the more useful / detailed you want the plugin to be, the dollar figure goes up. The more options you want in the dashboard / control over the plugin, the dollar figure goes up. You want quality, versus something you can sell to the masses for a quick buck - expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars on up.

      As far as how to monitor them - oDesk and eLance both have helpful information on how to use their system to track performance / ensure you are paying for actual work. Dig in and read it / watch any videos they have. Once you sign up to the sites you also start getting emails from them for a little while with helpful info on how to get the most out of their site.
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    Now, i have 3 products in mind to create but i want to take them one after the other.
    I needed to create a wordpress theme, software and the plugin. I still thinking the one i should Create first. I need to have a hot product on these.
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    Your best bet is to go on one of the freelancing sites and post your job as detailed as possible, without giving enough details that someone could steal your idea. Look at the bids, the portfolios and feedback of each bidder. This will give you an idea of what you should pay.
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