Money is in the list of relationships you build?

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Hi Warriors!

I have been split testing recently on my autoresponder emails but I have not yet made a sale through email marketing.

Just wanted to ask you guys a simple question.

How did you guys find success from building relationships with your list?

I have read a lot of books and went to the library a lot of times to gather more information about list building but I realized that it is much harder that I thought it would be.

Can any of you guys advice me as to how I can start building a relationship with my list?

Plus, do you guys normally hire professional writers to write emails for you and then you edit a little bit before putting up on your autoresponder series or do you guys TOTALLY write all the emails yourself?
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    You can build a good relation with your subscriber if you only give them what they want. If you better understand and read your subscribers mind, you are successfull.

    Not always, but yes sometimes when I am targetting the bigger list of senior subscriber I prefer to hire a professional writer who have good experience.
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      Maybe you could ask your subscribers about the products they are interested in. That way you can better meet their needs. Create a well thought out questionnaire to better target their needs. That might be a starting place.

      China Newz

      China Newz is a blog introducing China's history, culture, people and places.

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        It can take some time before you start seeing results from your list building efforts. In what niche are you building your list? Because if it's say 'weight loss' or 'money making' then it should be pretty easy to recommend decent products. The key to building a good relationship with your list is showing that you care about their needs. Offer up valuable information, i'e- articles/tips/ebooks for free which will help or interest your prospects and then the sales will come in due time. If you want a good list then you have to do it the right way.
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          Originally Posted by Ethan Chong View Post

          How did you guys find success from building relationships with your list?
          The biggest thing I've done is be consistent and transparent. "Building relationships" isn't just 'talking to them like their best friend/adviser' or 'giving them valuable freebies'.

          Set up the expectations for the relationship from the beginning (before they even get on your list), and then follow through.

          One of my go-to models is the old-school e-course/newsletter combo. With the challenges of email delivery and overcrowded in-boxes, I'm now changing out the e-course for a downloadable PDF.

          Old-school newsletters make ideal periodic emails for a lot of markets. You can include that chatty 'note from the editor', articles, links to other "stuff" (some of which may have your affiliate links), even ads or promos.

          Originally Posted by Ethan Chong View Post

          Can any of you guys advice me as to how I can start building a relationship with my list?
          One of the best bits of advice I can give you early in the game is to encourage honest feedback and discussion, both between you and your subscribers and between your subscribers.

          If you ask people what they want, many times they will tell you what they think they should want. Go at it sideways, and you can suss out the real McCoy.

          Originally Posted by Ethan Chong View Post

          Plus, do you guys normally hire professional writers to write emails for you and then you edit a little bit before putting up on your autoresponder series or do you guys TOTALLY write all the emails yourself?
          I write all my own stuff, with one exception. I'll often share an article by another author, with full attribution. Do it right, and it's a win all the way around.

          > My readers get some good content from a different perspective.
          > The guest author gets a shot at presenting their content to my audience.
          > I get good content for my newsletters, and a bump to my own authority by passing judgment that the content I'm sharing is truly worthwhile.

          Some people worry that exposing subscribers to other authors will make those subscribers jump to the other person and quit their list. I've found that doesn't hold. People who are truly interested in a topic tend to see multiple lists as complements rather than substitutes.
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  • Make sure your list is made up of people who are interested in what you're selling. A list of ten million people is useless if you're not promoting the right product to them. A list of 100 high quality, targeted people can make you a lot of money, if it is done right.

    Regarding writing the email, I am a professional writer so I just do it myself.

    Good Luck! Keep testing and tweaking!

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    Hi, I recently set up a survey for my list which was free and very easy to set up. Go to and open a free account. Then you can link to it from your emails. You will only be able to ask ten questions for free, but probably that will be enough to gather the information you need whilst keeping your subscriber's interest.
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    So looking at your signature you're in the weight loss niche.

    If you want to build up trust then a blog detailing your success story will really resonate and make you stand out as being more trustworthy. I would also make video blog posts and just generally come across as a real person who's actually been fat and lost weight.

    If the story that you have on the squeezepage is false then immediately you have lost trust, and no matter what you do it's too late to recover.

    Also in the follow-up direct subscribers to the social sites that you actually use and interact with them on a personal level. Don't pitch them, listen to their issues, and if you create a blog post answering one of their questions you should be able to hit a home run.
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    A simple and very effective way, is to simply send a broadcast message out to your list asking them the number 1 question they have about your niche's subject.

    Then simply write an email to each one of your subscribers giving the a brief but helpful information on how they can fix their problem.

    This of course will take longer then sending out a broad answer to your list -- but you will find out your list will love you for personally writing to each and every one of them.
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      Is the product yours?

      If not, have you built a relationship with your product?
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    Originally Posted by Ethan Chong View Post

    How did you guys find success from building relationships with your list?
    It is all about premise, as far as I'm concerned.

    I've had success treating the situation like making a new friend. You communicate with them over lunch, find out what they like, tell them about yourself, tell them what you love/hate, and why. Instead of face to face, you do it via email. Maybe Facebook and Twitter too.

    You will not bond with everyone perfectly. And some you will irritate and repel. Which is just fine! You cannot and should not try to be everything to everybody. You need to be able to enjoy this relationship too!

    You can also think of the relationship with your new list as if you are a newly discovered celebrity. Remember that everything you reveal is going to enhance or detract from any given relationship you're building with your list. If you have fans, they need to hear about you and your interactions to remain a positive fan.

    Movie stars/celebrities are doing this constantly with their lists (fans). They present an image that they are willing to maintain and is valid enough that they actually can follow through with a valid posture.

    I may not agree with everything Mel Gibson says or does, but I think we'd get along better than 80% of the public. Sean Connery, 95%. Justin Beaver (maybe I misspelled that- ) 10% compared to the general public. These perceptions are created and reinforced by whatever communication conduits exist between the "celebrity" and their fan base.

    The great thing is, you get to choose what communication comes from you to your fans.

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    Ethan.. here is what I did.
    I got a Warrior.. on here..
    to write me a series.. ( 5 )..
    relationship building emails.
    Though it cost me a pretty penny..
    I've now got a Template I can follow !
    Just an idea.

    - Download My FREE Guide -
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    You are probably making the same mistake everyone has made. They try to make a sale too quickly. I did this too many times. You are in luck though. With the system you have, whatever email you send the affiliate link in is too early. Keep moving it back until you get a sale.

    Or look for leads who are dieing to buy what you offer.

    It usually takes a year to build a good enough relationship to buy something just because you said so.
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    Thanks for the survey monkey tip!
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