Perceived Scams that aren't really Scams do you know of any?

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Hey Warriors,

Many things that turn out to be scams in the eyes of some are not scams at all in the eyes of others.

A case in point was brought out in another thread that came out today RE the FTC cracking down on Scams. One was an info product about mystery shopping.

I was going to post what I have below in that thread but decided I didn't want to hijack the thread by focusing on another subject.

Do you know of any other legit businesses or services that are perceived as scams by some while working out great for others? Below is my OP that I moved here.

Hi all,

Someone had a WSO a few years back on Mystery Shopping. I always wondered if Mystery Shopping was legit.

I don't know what the ones in the OP claimed you could make but I do know it is a legit "job." I say job but a mystery shopper is really a self employed independent contractor.

Over the past year I was made aware by a couple of friends that they are mystery shoppers.

Just last week in one day one of them ate at Two different restaurants (for free) and shopped at a local electronics store and made almost $100.

George Wright
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    Making money doing surveys is probably one of those perceived scams too. And, that's largely because of the hype surrounding it. You can definitely make some money doing surveys but, for the vast majority of people, you're certainly not going to make a living off of it.

    You have to meet certain requirements because the marketers want to poll a certain demographic. If you aren't what they are looking for, you're not going to be able to participate and get paid.

    I've made some money doing paid surveys, but I've found that I qualify for so few surveys that it's generally not worth my time even answering the qualification questions.

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