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A lot of the experts these days are putting emphasis on authority sites. I'd like to offer up something that's worked well for us in one of our businesses. We started our own forum. We got in late as there were already a good handful of successful forums in our niche but because we had a handful of websites in that particular niche already, we thought that maybe if we linked it up real good, we would have a chance of getting it off the ground. Well, it worked! 6 years later, we are now one of the most popular forums in that niche.

The good thing about forums is that your audience builds the content for you. So while writing blogs and posting on other forums are good seo strategies, why not have other people do the writing for you? That's what a forum has to offer. Like a lot of ventures, the hardest part is getting it off the ground but if you can just get the ball rolling in the beginning and get some attention to your new forum, people will come in and share their advice and opinions. And before you know it, you'll be in the forum game and will have one more valuable vehicle for advertising your product.

Hope this helps somebody out there that might need some other options.
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    That makes sense to have a forum and I would like to add a forum to my site someday. It must be difficult to launch a forum, just like an other IM enterprise, but wondering if there are any stats that link forums to profitable sites.

    While they create a venue for your visitors to discuss certain topics, do they definitively lead to higher conversions on products, or Ad-sense revenue. It would be interesting to find out if there is some relationship between the two? With that said, is a forum worth maintaining if there is no concrete evidence that it leads to profitability?

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    Yes, if you do it right. Like everything you build, you must measure it to determine ROI. We had less conversions in the beginning but we have since plugged in mechanisms to convert. It really always comes down to 'do they want what you're selling'.
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