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by Linens
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Hello Guys,
Its about mail marketing and issues i am facing.
Initially i was using mailchimp for mail marketting. Its service was quite good but due to its heavy monthly fee and my more more no of subscribers, i decided to jump to sendblaster as it has one time fee but facing issues in mail delivery rate with it.
I am not using any SMTP server. I just started with sendblaster with DIRECT SEND option.
I am taking care of everything to avoid spam like -
- using enough text content
- avoid using SPAM words
- using valid mail ids
- giving useful and interesting content etc

But my mail delivery rate is very poor. same email ids used to give 100% delivery rate in mail chimp where as in sendblaster its very poor. i asked with sendblaster customer care and they suggested me to use SMTP service but again its on monthly payment basis. To runaway monthly fee of mailchimp, i decided to go with sendblaster but now here the same case.

Is there any way i can improve mail delivery rate without spending more money on monthly basis???????

Also should i go with SLOW SEND rate with 1 second pause between mail ids??? or with FAST SEND where it send all in 1 go???? how does it IMPACT spam and mail delivery rate????

More tips from SendBlaster users plzzzzz.
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