Seriously Can't find a suitable Theme!

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Hi all,

I'm starting a new website recently, and I've been searching for a theme for over 2 weeks now.

All I want is a simple, clean theme which is suitable for a blog but has some good functionality.

All I've been able to come up with is:

Solid Blog | Your Logo Here !

But it's a little boring and doesn't have much functionality.

Can anyone help?

Price isn't an issue, aslong as it suites my needs.

My blog will be doing tips and tricks for the internet, social, link building etc.

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    Check out

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    I am sure there more that would suit your needs just have to find them. Still looking give me a yell on Skype: topnichewebsites
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    Check out the Genesis framework and their Balance child theme. It's simple, clean, minimalist with excellent functionality. The Genesis framework is in HTML5 and is responsive for different devices including mobile, of course.

    Balance Theme by StudioPress

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    TWO weeks?
    Sorry about that anyway.
    There are literally hundreds of them,that should resonate with your needs.;;

    If you have a site's template you'd like to use as reference, point to it, and I'd be able to choose for you from those sites.
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    Big recommendation for Thesis 2 - it'll take ya a few hours to figure out how to use it, but it's by far the most customizable I've ever used.
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    I would also recommend you to check out and

    There's a lot of sites with good themes out there, I don't understand how you spent 2 weeks looking for theme, like really, I don't
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    Elegant Themes has what you need and their prices are pretty great.

    Someone mentioned ThemeForest already..they're pretty good too but the price is higher overall.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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      Elegant Themes is what i use ! Best Support and Top notch Themes.

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    If price isn't an issue, find something with the functionality you want. Then hire someone to customize it for you.

    The problem I find with people seeking specific "niche" themes is that even if they find one, it's the same as everyone else that found the same theme. In something as personality-driven as blogging, you don't want to come off as generic.
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    Like John said above what you probably need to do is find someone to customize one of the many themes out there... If you look in the warriors for hire section I am sure you could find someone to do it. As for the theme to start with, I would use thesis. It is clean in very customizable. diythemes is their website.
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    I've been on all the top sites like etc.

    I guess I'll keep looking, thanks for your suggestions !!
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    I like MyThemeShop: Premium WordPress Themes
    Simple wordpress themes
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    Quite a nice theme already. I like WooThemes though, they look nice and have some useful features like widgets.
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    Either learn to design yourself or pay a designer. You can't possibly run a website by wrapping the content around a prefab design. It has to be the other way around.
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      Originally Posted by DubDubDubDot View Post

      You can't possibly run a website by wrapping the content around a prefab design.
      Triple D,

      I have done it many times and have set up dozens of sites for others that have successfully used pre-built themes for their businesses.

      You may not have figured it out, but lots of others have. Often themes are the best alternative, IMO, for folks trying to get started. It's easy to get up and running and if you pick the right theme, it can be modified in many ways to become your own design.


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        Originally Posted by Steve B View Post

        You may not have figured it out, but lots of others have.
        Site owners have always attempted to get around the design dilemma using duck tape. Ten years ago it was WYSIWYG editors. Today it's pre-fab themes. There are improvements, but at the same time you stick your finger in one hole and water just comes out in another.

        WYSIWYG editors produced shoddy looking sites, but they did allow you to design around the content. Pre-fab themes get around the design quality issue, but then you are having to jam content in where it isn't optimal or stay within boundaries that you wish were not there.

        Yes, you can alter the theme, but I was speaking purely in an as-is sense. Few newbies know how to alter a theme.
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    The new thesis v2.1 is pretty powerful, and if you start from the blank canvas then almost anything is possible.

    It will require you to be pretty technical, or buy a guide video walkthrough, spend hours in the support forum, but the final result will be an unique theme that you can call your own. I think that some of the skins will allow you to get the layout optimised for lead generation, and the typography is set up to make the words come alive, something that is often overlooked in a lot of themes.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Many people get hung up on selecting a theme. Basically, you want at clean canvas, not something fancy. Your content (text, images and video) should be the focus of your efforts. It's about the "painting," not the canvas.
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    I understand that some of those wp themes out there are difficult to customize, if you don't know how. You see one that you really like but can't make it look the way you want.

    If that is the case and that's why you took so long in finding a suitable one, then I may have the answer. Combined with my Internet start-up kit is a theme I use for all of my sites and find it very easy to customize, and it's free.
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    "My blog will be doing tips and tricks for the internet, social, link building etc"

    So you are sort of loosely in the marketing niche, most of us could not care less what your blog looks like as long as it is neat, readable, has good info and proper navigation.

    If you want to pay for a premium theme have a look at Thesis, Woo and StudioPress Themes

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    does it have to be wordpress?
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  • Been there It can be really tough selecting the right theme, since you're browsing through a list of pre-made templates and not something that's been specifically tailored for your own particular interest, it makes sense that finding a suitable one can be a challenging task. Good luck to you though
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    Hi .

    I'm really new to the blogging world and did some looking.....
    The one I opted for seems to have LOADS of features ( I just haven't had time to play about with it yet...)

    It's called Suffusion by Sayontan Sinha

    all the best.

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      As somebody mentioned before, Genesis. Check the "Prose" Theme and the "Lifestyle" Theme, both have an abundance of customisation options.
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    I am not affiliated in any way, but you can design your own themes exactly how you want them to look and work with Artisteer .... check them out..
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