Most effecient traffic sources, other than blogging and YouTube?

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I have been posting one article per day on my personal WP blog (EZA is dead, right?) and one video per day on my Youtube channel to drive traffic.

Are there any other possibilities for driving traffic and creating a presence as an expert?

Would it make sense to, for instance take a saturday or sunday and create a couple of Squidoo lenses for the sub-niches in my niche?

Are Hubpages worth the time invested?

Or would I get more bang for my (time-investment) buck, if I just continue posting articles on my blog and vids in YouTube and ignored the less-effective traffic sources?
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    I've gotten good results with Twitter.

    It takes time to build up a real following, but it's worth it. Once you have them, they're more likely to follow your links. You have a to post a lot of value; you can't spam your links all day. A good ratio might be 1 promotional tweet for every 6 value tweets.

    To fish for followers simply tweet value to the hashtags in your niche. Find active hashtags at

    You might be surprised how often people will retweet you if you're posting useful info.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    You can also create a fan page and provide value from there.

    Buy likes and become an expert there.

    Also, a little tip is convert all your articles into PDFs and upload them onto Slideshare.

    You will get some extra views for an extra few minute work.
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    My favorite (besides YouTube) is Social Media. More specific I would start off with FB.
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    I wrote many articles on the subject and can be found in my signature below.

    Good Luck!!!
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    I would keep posting articles and YouTube videos. Where are you sending your traffic? As for other traffic sources, I would definitely convert your articles into PDF's to upload to sites like DocStoc and SlideShare like LimitLess traffic said.

    Other traffic sources could be Facebook PPC. Driving traffic to your fan page for likes or sending traffic to squeeze pages/sales pages.

    If you're looking to go the free route, you are going to have to invest time interacting with people and posting articles, videos, etc. Remember, traffic is actual people so interacting will do you justice.

    The paid route will always be faster, if you know what you're doing.

    Want more important Internet marketing strategies? Check out my blog Actionable marketing steps inside.

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    A friend of mine posted this article yesterday. I didn't count how many words exactly, but I'd guess it's hovering way over 1,000 words...

    His post is pretty awesome, to say the least. Alot of GREAT ideas....

    10 Ways to Get Traffic Without SEO -
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      Thanks everybody for the answers

      I have been posting all of my articles to my Facebook fan page and embedding all of my YouTube vids there, too

      I have a Twitter account and have been tweeting links to all of my blog posts and YouTube vids with the appropriate #-tags

      So far, I haven't posted anything about my products, but the description in my Twitter profile has a link to my squeeze page and the "about" paragraph on my Facebook fan page has links to my products / sales pages

      I also have links to my squeeze page and social media in the descriptions on YouTube and also show them at the end of my vids

      Right now, I want to stay with free promotion because #1 I don't have much money for advertising and #2 I don't know how to properly use PPC and co anyway

      However, I would like to invest in the appearance of my squeeze and sales pages, does anyone know if they finally got the bugs out of OptimzePress?
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