Affiliate Marketing with Facebook & Youtube?

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Hey guys!

I have the following questions for you to answer.

Q1: Is youtube good for promoting clickbank products?
Q2: Have you ever tried facebook ads (paid ads)?
Q3: Does youtube or facebook system works when it comes to affiliate marketers [digital]?
Q4: I don't like doing videos or expose myself on the camera. Where can i outsource video projects for my products that I'm gonna sell.

Please, I would like you to share your experiences as an affiliate marketer with facebook & youtube WITHOUT a website. If you have any


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    1. Video marketing is through the roof. It will be the dominate way to market online in my opinion. But remember, you can generate a lot of traffic but without a good offer, you still won't make money. Like Dan Kennedy says, "It's the offer stupid." So pick good affiliate products.

    2. Facebook PPC is a good way to get into the marketplace. Just like any other PPC method, if you don't know what you're doing, you can lose your shirt. But in short, do they work, yes they work to get "Likes" and build your list. However, you cannot go straight to an affiliate sales page once a person clicks on the ad.

    3. Again, those two platforms are great when you are marketing. Pick one marketing strategy, become really good at it, and then move onto another marketing strategy. Think of a sniper, and not a shot-gunner. Focused rather than scattered.

    4. Honestly, people want to see you and your brand. If you don't want to put your face on camera, I challenge you to make a video of yourself saying this is my first video, I still have some fear during this recording, but I'm dominating my fears. Are you? Or something like that. Also, you can record your computer screen with Camtasia software where your voice is heard but your face is not on-screen.

    Hope those were helpful!


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    When I first started out, I used YouTube for free traffic and Facebook ads for paid traffic. I got really good results with both, but just make sure you are sending traffic to a squeeze page or free offer. I wouldn't send traffic directly to an affiliate offer because then you're not building a list and you can't follow-up with your leads. However, you can try both methods and see what works best for you. For videos, you can outsource them on elance or odesk, and there are even some people on Fiverr who will make you a video for $5.
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