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I need to move a wordpress site to another host..

Is it as easy as download the entire folder to my computer then uploading it to the new host?

Or is there another step I am missing...

Because for normal non-script sites, that's the way to do it.

How's it done with wordpress?

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  • Depends on your path and you also have to move the mysql database and might need to reset the user and possible password as they will likely change on a new host.

    The easiest way is with Cpanel if the host you are moving to lets you just upload a home directory back up.

    I didn't create this tutorial but I do link to it:

    Internet Marketing IQ - How to move Your WordPress Blog to a Different Server

    It's pretty well done. It's not the only way to do it but it does work.
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    What you have to move intact is your wp-content folder (contains uploaded files, themes, plugins, etc.) and your database.

    If you're using the same domain name on the new server, it's a simple matter of downloading your wp-content folder and uploading it to the new server, then backing up your database and copying it to the new server. You'll have to change the database info in your wp-config.php file, but that's about it.

    If you're changing the domain name also, then it gets quite a bit more complicated.

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    You can get someone to do it for you for $10 or $20 at or
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    The db is really the only tricky part, and there's really nothing to it. Get that going using phpmyadmin and then fix the config up as listed above.

    Also, once you copy it over, don't switch your DNS yet. Use the host file on your PC to have your browser find the site on your new host (lots of tutorials out there) while it is still functional for everyone else on the old host.

    If you have problems or it doesn't work, then only you get the broken version while you fix it. When all is well, switch the DNS.
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