54 signups in an hour plus one sale...

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Hey Warriors..

I have some food for thought.. Which would basically get you to get off your butt and take some action if you are not a strong believer in hard work. And it will come across as an encouragement to all those who take action.

I just created a new sales letter and a few videos on Youtube and went to the mall with mom to buy here a new pair of earrings. And I have out all evening, and just come back. this is what I see in my email inbox...

1. 3 sales at $17 dollars and 1 at $997 (This was a network marketing sale to a person I didn't even call once). the $17 ebook + audio was on Network marketing again to explain the large gap between front end and back end. Basically, that was just a starter for the main NM sale.

2. 54 signups in one hour.

I have no way of determining where all this traffic came from, but apparently nearly 105 people saw my lead capture page. All I can do is make an assumption and attribute this to a recent video I did and submitted it to over 30 sites using Traffic Geyser.

This was intended to be a funny spoof of how so many sponsors promise heaven and skies and never even show their faces once they have made the sale.

I think this video has done much more than what was expected out of it... and I have no way of telling how many more sales it will make me.

I have always fantasized about creating spoof videos, but somehow I wanted to be perfect at humor and THEN create a spoof. I just kept procrastinating and this was the first such video I had done.

Not boasting or anything, but I think this money is attributed to just one thing... TAKING ACTION.

Any length of coaching and education will fail if there is no implementation.

Just don't worry...


So do it NOW.

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