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Hi guys,

If I were to prepare a product on making full time income online using list building as well as providing 3 of my best squeeze pages, what would you find it most valuable for the OTO coming up on the next page?

Reason being is because I don't have an OTO for the product yet, though I have several ideas in mind, but just not sure if they are going to flow and make the buyer feel they found some cheap gold....

So, thanks in advance for any ideas and inputs!
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    OTOs work best when you build onto the initial product. Don't make it so you can't have success without the OTO, but make it so the OTO will make things easier. In your case, you could create 3 autoresponders and/or product packages that convert well with the 3 squeeze pages and the guidance you're offering in the front end.

    You could also offer advanced training or workshops, but I like to save those for a few days after they purchase or as a 2nd OTO.


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    That's one of my thoughts - including some converting well swipe files / subject lines and ways to boost your open rate....

    But then my concern was, they will see this OTO straight after the front end (before they read the guide, which they won't know the importance of swipe files / subject lines.., or this OTO could make their life easier)

    I'm talking about the flow. I'm not sure if that flows ok if you know what I mean.

    If I could find a way to offer this OTO once they found out the importance and help they could get from the OTO, that would be good.

    But then (LOL), I don't want to lose the scarcity feeling ......

    Need serious help, haha!
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    What i have been doing from day 1 is forget about creating a free gift

    Go ahead and create your main product of say 10 videos

    Then give away 2 or 3 of those videos as your free gift and you could always include some extra
    training via email as well

    Doing things this way your product is lazer targeted to your free offer making your conversions higher

    This is all i have been doing for years, it's simple, it's less hassle, and it works :-)

    You can do this is any niche

    If you have an ebook that you sell instead you could just create a "light version" of your product or just give away the first say 5 pages out of the 30 pages
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