I'm Hitting A Roadblock.... Help From Bum/Article Marketers Would Be Greatly Appreciated

by T.I.M.
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Long story short, I've tried a few methods-some work for me, some didn't then I come back to reading and learning more etc. Basically I'm at the point where I have enough IM info on my computer, note pad and posts etc. that I've printed out.

It's all getting so repetitive so I've decided to go for it, fall on my face and keep getting up until I find something that works and have limited my forum time.

I have some domains but I'm starting from scratch here sort of. I'm going to use a Squidoo lens as my landing page and go the good ol' bum marketing way. I picked a niche, did some work but I don't enjoy writing about it so went back to Clickbank and found a product and niche that I am pretty knowledgeable of and I could stand writing and writing about it. I now have a few questions here.

I have a dozen KW's so far that fit the criteria for monthly search and all have less than 30K competing pages and they all have at least a page of adsense ads.

Let's say my niche was wanting to help women lose weight after pregnancy. From your experience is it best to name squidoo url something like /loseweightafterpregnancy (broad KW) using dashes between to get it, use longer tail KW or /Xproductnamereview? Well I think I just got the answer to that and will google Xproduct review and go from there.

Another stumbling block I have is say 1 KW was "lose weight pregnancy" which doesn't flow well... How would you title the article and use that phrase for KW density or is it garbage? Ok I need to search and see what competition does. I will do searches for both of these questions but would also like your input as well.

Last question is that ezine loses juice after day or 2 so is it wise to social bookmark, Digg etc. articles after a few days or best to do it right away? Like is it still worthwhile to do it now?

I've fumbled around for a few months, had some success to see that this is possible but want to start from scratch and amp it up. Even though I've read it so many times, taking action is the best way to learn this and I now found that I have relevant questions. Thanks in advance.
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    >use longer tail KW or /Xproductnamereview
    It's up to you, to decide which keywords you can compete on. Everything else considered equal, go for the higher traffic ones.

    One thing about productname review, if there are a ton of these sites, you have less chance of getting the sale on your click if there are 5-10 sites the reader will likely browse. However, if you're going to be the only one, or one of two, and the traffic is good, that's a good plan.

    >How would you title the article and use that phrase for KW density or is it garbage?
    Title it something like:
    How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy or
    Top Ten Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy.

    It's not imperative that your article title is the exact keyword phrase, just that all the keys are in there.

    When building your links, think like the SE. If you were an SE and you found a new site, what would look most natural? A build of links from various places over time. Don't slam everything in one day, and as your old links fall out your new ones should begin to pick up. Let your less valuable links that don't stick start the spidering process and then begin to build your permanent links.
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    Personally, I'm more likely to trust the keyword based squidoo url than something that says "review." But that's just me!
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      Hi Tim

      You are right to stop buying and start doing.
      I would write for more than the obvious keywords. every now and than you will strike gold with a KW that no one else has picked up on.

      I have one of these in an article on EA that has brought me 100 visitors minimum a week since january. The keyword was low search and low competition. So I get lots of the online searchers finding my article and finding my website.

      So as well as writing for the high search low competition try writing for the low search low competition as well.
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    Im Business and Melissa thanks as I see it pushed all the time I'm not too hot on review sites. I think the average internet browser knows these websites make money on the ads but just not the many ways so I do see them working just not my thing right now and yes I do believe they are over saturated in many niches.

    Also IM the spidering process does make sense. Do you use a system like digg one day all new articles then another marker the next or is it just kind of random? It seems an organized way would be best for this but may not look so good for the SE's.

    Kenj, thanks for the low search tip as it makes sense maybe not 100 hits a day but something that gets 50 hits a day and you can own them spots totally makes sense.

    I seen someone here post about Googles' Wonder Wheel the other day, tried it out yesterday for first time and got some other good KW's I could write about going deeper into the niche. And yes some are lower search (1500 monthly+), low comp but some others are higher search and low comp I haven't thought of. So I think the Wonder Wheel is truly wonderful. .

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    As far as those awkward keyword phrases go try using two separate phrases tied together, so for "Lose weight pregnancy" you could go with "Lose weight - pregnancy fat loss tips". That's if you really want to keep your keyword phrase exact, otherwise you can split up the words to make your title flow more naturally.
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    I feel ya.

    Stop worrying about numbers...and get INTO your prospects head and you will make lots more money.

    Here's a free pdf that I did that will show ya how:


    No opt in or nuttin!


    Be A Bum Marketer! Free eCourse

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    I would also make sure you do your research on the sites that are on the first page for your keywords. See why they are ranking so high and how many links they have. If they are all internal which you will probably find on most of them you should be fine but if they have authority links and many of them it wouldnt matter if you only had 20 competing sites you wont beat them out. use yahoos site explorer and check out their linking strategy. You might find you can get the same links your competing sites have and with enough promotion you can take over their spots

    I love SEO and Setting up an action plan for new websites!

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      Bannor, thanks that's a cash idea... I love it. Maybe basic info I may have over looked or maybe a tactic of the top dogs.

      Travis, what's up! Bum Marketing Method was the first piece of IM info I ever read and after a huge purge I still subscribe to your list as you give away freebie good info even when you're selling something.

      Best, thanks I set up Squidoo lens today optimized and put a lot of work in it as it's my landing page. Will do research on competition tomorrow and if they have authority links, oh well another lesson learned. And yeah I haven't checked Yahoo Explorer but will do so, thanks.

      Question though, If the Squidoo lens won't reach first 2 pages for competing w/ authority sites that's still OK if the articles etc. can rank?

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        I hate to say it, but the only answers to those questions which will be of any real use to you are going to come from your own testing and tracking.

        Start pushing out content to tons of different places, and building links to those places from lots of varied places and on varied timelines. Record everything you did and record results. Don't take a one time occurance as gospel - flukes happen! Over time, though, trends will begin to emerge for you!
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