Is Amazon the only Affiliate program to get iPods From?

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I'm building an iPod website and lens, so i checked to find the best deals to sell from Amazon and found out they only pay 4% commission...Is This For Real!!!, I can't believe it could be so low, are there any other companies that sell iPods! I've never taken less than 20% commission to sell a product.
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  • You can always sign up for the eBay affiliate program and promote the Ipods for auction there on your site.

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    The % isn't great but you can't beat the trust that people have shopping at Amazon. However, their cookies only last 24 hours - which is another negative.

    Have you looked at places like CJ, Shareasale and Linkshare? You may find a better deal with a company on an affiliate network?
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    When it comes to apple, you have to deal with it. Also, computer products have a very slim margin, nothing new. I think the CJ apple store affiliate program is 1%, BTW.

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    I hope you've found a low comp keyword, as squidoo already has 984 iPod lenses.

    And as for Amazon, their commissions are very low, the only way to make good money with them is either to have an existing high traffic niche website or follow Howie Schwartz' methods.
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    Iv been using amazon for almost 3 months, a little over 100 clicks and no sales, all traffic from Google searches. I think I am going to dump them very soon. on commission junction apple store only pays 1.00% so thats not much better. Ebay might be your best bet.
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    i didn't realize , but my niche was gonna be "Where can I Buy an iPod Mini Online", well...i still gotta build it because i need the experience, thanks for the tips, i'll follow them. P.S. - If anybody still wants to chime in, the advice comes in handy.
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    Yeah, I was going to say I tried the apple affiliate program once and earned a wopping 1%.

    What a joke...

    So if Amazon is offering 4% that is 4x higher than via the apple affiliate program.

    So if you think you are going to make much revenue promoting the ipod itself.... you may want to look at accessories or other items that market might be interested in instead which pay more.
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  • Profile picture of the author KirkMcD (on CJ), (Linkshare), (Linkshare), (Linkshare), (Linkshare)(5% comm), also sell iPods, but don't expect high commissions on electronics.
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      Off the beaten path here at WF but you could look into Freebie sites.

      Sites that people can "earn" Ipods by completing offers for you or others and at the same time can earn a little cash.

      I am guessing if you could earn $20+ per person you send to some of these sites, and if they really want to get an ipod they can earn money in the process.

      Take a look at ""free lunch room" if you need to get an idea of what I am talking about.

      Or PM me for a non referral link.

      $240 a Day?
      Live Action Planner <----Need Help Focusing?

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        Swoopo is a great program they have everything.
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