Which of these Before/After photo "methods" is the best approach?

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Take a guy who lost a significant amount of weight over a 18 months period in addition to adding a lot of muscle.

In your opinion which would be the best approach when showing his own Before/After photos & videos to support his weight loss program.

1. Natural/Random photos and videos taking before he lost the weight i.e. from his webcam, maybe a video with the kids at the beach or with his shirt off on a sunny day etc. Then more pics/videos like this throughout the period on the program leading right up to today where he is in great shape.

2. Intended/Documented photos and videos taking deliberately before starting the program where he clearly explained what he was about to do while showing his physique, then throughout the program clearly/deliberately documenting the progress.

The reason I ask this is because lets say someone makes it very professional i.e. clearly and coherently documenting it from the beginning, would people not be sceptical that this is someone who knew exactly what they were doing (trying to SELL the program) and may be ether using pills or video manipulation etc. to modify the outcome?

The more natural way may not evoke scepticism, but it may not be as "professional" etc.

What is your opinion on something like this?
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    The thing is I do also promote weight loss product in Facebook and some basic normal before and after picture doing great for me and recently I have just add a basic text testimonial screen shot from Viber so it is also doing good for me so it depends on testing.

    Basically I want to say that you have to do testing with all the forms you know, there is nothing fixed conversion for before and after photos.

    If you promote in website, I believe videos will be much better then images but getting live videos from live people it is hard I believe.

    I hope this helps and hope this is what you are looking for..
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      Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    I also do Facebook PPC and the before/after photo tends to get higher CTR resulting in cheaper clicks and more conversion.

    Depending on how you plan to market though, a story or or lifestyle type of video is probably a better approach.
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    Thank you for shering this information with us!
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    The documented ones are good but they are already mainstream. However, most people have sold a lot of money which such kind of marketing. And most people would already think that these photos can be easily Photoshopped (but most still buy it). Why don't you try using both? Or better yet, make a video documentation to establish credibility.
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    It depends on the review that accompanies the pics. Is it a "quick, drop-by review", or an "in-depth, I thought a lot about doing this" type of review?
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