Two Tier Affiliate links on JVZoo? Help needed

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Does anyone know how to set up a Two Tier Affiliate link on JVZoo?

I'm trying to help out a friend who' struggling to get this set up and has not had any answers from JVZoo support so far, been 36 hours.

Here's the scenario.

My aff link goes to salespage, my list makes a purchase, I get paid a commission.

Scenario 2:
A friend of mine wants to promote the product he's seen me promoting, so I set up an arrangement with the product owner to be paid as a second tier aff.

At this stage, I only have my normal aff link that goes to the salespage, however, the developer has a JV partner page that is not visible to the public.

So my question is, do I need a different aff link to ensure I get paid any override commissions on sales made by JV partners i sign up?

I've already given my friend my JVZoo aff ID, and he has set up the two-tier features in JVZoo, however, he was not given a different link to give to me.

That implies that i an to use the same aff link that goes to the salespage for signing up any JV partners under me. if that's the case, and the link is only going to the salespage and not the JVsign up page,m how are ay affiliates I sign up going to be cookied to my promotion efforts?

Thanks in advance

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