paying to participate in forum? experience?

by mguy
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I have started a forum for my new site. I'm thinking about paying someone to start discussions as to give the impression of an active forum.

Has anyone done this? Anything to keep in mind?
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    You'll probably have to have good moderators for that site as well. It seems as though you're a bit of a newb, so make sure that you hire someone who has good writing skills, is willing to invest in your site and don't give them a measly pay rate.
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      It is the classic Chicken/Egg Problem. Same thing as Dating sites, MMO Games etc. If you plan to do this right, it can really give you a leg up, if you do it half way, you are throwing money out.

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    It can help if done correctly, but it's not going to affect whether or not your forum is successful in the long run. Forums are tough to start from scratch, it's much easier if you have an audience already, or a targeted email list that is looking for a forum.

    Good luck!
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    Thought it was quite cool when I opened my dating site and member #1 signed up and found there was nobody to talk to .

    I've found it really hard to get forums going. But from my work on FindAForum I've found that quite a few forums have competitions for the best weekly/monthly post. You're probably better off giving cash away rather than paying a writer.

    But if you have a forum attached to a site then you can simply giveaway products to good posters.
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    I think it is a good idea. However, make sure you hire someone who does a good job; otherwise, you may end up spending money for low-quality work. Good luck!
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    That would be a good idea. But you really need to find a good team to work on the forum that you will be creating. And do not expect to have a lot of members that easily. It would take weeks and even months to start feeling that what you are doing is paying off. Just being by looking for a complete team of excellent people and do a lot of planning.
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