Should I do a product launch or not?

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I was hoping to get some input on this.
Right now, I have a course out there for sale. However, this course is pretty expensive (around 500 dollars) and therefore, it's not converting with cold traffic.

So, I've now spent a few weeks writing an ebook. I will get affiliates to sell this ebook and will also promote it myself.

I was thinking of placing an upsell to my course at the end of the ebook to anyone interested in going deeper into the subject. Also, I am creating an autoresponder series that everyone who buys the ebook will be placed on, where I was going to promote my more expensive course.

The question is now though...should I hold off promoting my course until I have a bigger list of buyers (5,000 - 10,000) and then do a product launch?

Or should I just quietly put a link to the course in the ebook and the auto responder right away?

What do you think...what will bring in the most dough?

I was thinking with a product launch, I could bring in all the affiliates that promoted my ebook, and we could do a big launch reaching pretty much the whole industry at the same time.
The concept that I'm bringing to the table here is completely new and unique...and it's quite revolutionary in my market. I am thus a bit worried with both the scenarios.

If I just put the link in there might take a long time to build up the "fame" of it and thus, somebody else with more marketing power (someone with a big list, lots of JV's etc) could come in and copy my concept, make himself (or herself) known with it and thus...make me look like the copycat!

But if I hold off releasing it until I have a big list...somebody might think of my idea in the meantime and release it before me!

What are your thoughts?

Any input would be highly appreciated.
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    How about doing anticipation marketing by recruiting to a new announcement list? Of course, you have to 'grease' people into joining it by giving them some inside info.
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    Originally Posted by svedski View Post

    What do you think...what will bring in the most dough?
    Stopping to worry about copycats and others will bring you the most dough.

    If you have a good product, go for it and sell it.

    Originally Posted by svedski View Post

    However, this course is pretty expensive (around 500 dollars) and therefore, it's not converting with cold traffic.
    Well, if it is not converting no launch will do you any good.

    In order to have a successful launch you need an excellent product, and excellent funnel
    and a sales letter that takes traffic that is super cold and turns that traffic into buyers .

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      First of all, $500 IS NOT expensive...if you're marketing to the right people.

      You might want to go back to the drawing board and see how your product best serves your market...and who really wants what you have to offer.

      If you're marketing to "everyone" that may be the reason your product is not converting or you just may need to tweak the copy.

      A product launch is the last thing you want to do after your sells funnel is converting for you and you have some solid numbers to show your affiliate partners.
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        First of all, let's get one thing clear: you will not get affiliates, at least not those with big lists, without having a great product that converts, a great sales letter, a great funnel in place (yes, having OTOs is a must if you want to attract the big dogs).... and MOST importantly, without having the proper conversations statistics.

        Affiliates think in numbers: why would I promote product A where I need to send 100 clicks to make one sale, when I can promote product B, send 100 clicks and make 2-3 sales. So you'll need to show the conversions numbers to really attract the bigger affiliates.

        Then we have the product launch, I've done a few of them over the years without having a single affiliate on board and made at least 50k everytime. But I also had to spend money advertising my squeeze page. These were Frank Kern type of launches and by building a list of prospects for 3-4 weeks, giving them enough to make them want more and offering proof that the system I was pushing actually works, these launches were quite successful.
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    Start looking for JV possibilities, launch partners, media help, build an announcement list and do everything to prepaire for the launch. You will launch whenever you want, but you have to be prepaired for a big launch.
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      Look for JVs and build a brand for yourself in the market your are in. It is easy to sell when you are a brand that your market has heard of or trusts than coming from the blues.

      Start connetcing with various industry influencers; their good word about your product can have a significant impact of your sales.

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    pretty expensive (around 500 dollars)
    really? Don't bother. it's not worth it i.m.h.o. Too much headache with "niche jumpers"
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