The Best Internet Marketing Mentor?

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    Lots of big names out there.

    Never went with a tutor myself, but every time a new Six Figure Alliance course opens up from Kenster, I have to hold myself back from pulling the trigger.

    I think the big thing about a mentor is if they have a solid background. I find it odd that from time to time there are users with practically no reputation here on WF that post mentoring programs for astronomical amounts of money. Go with the names you trust.

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  • I agree because there are so many good mentors out there, and honestly it's hard to know exactly which mentor to go with.

    One of my favorites online has to be Eric Louvierre and Bill Macintosh from JobCrusher.
    The two of those guys have literrally helped me go from nothing per year to hitting 6 figures for the 1st time this year in 2013!

    Its amazing because I just follow what they say to do, do it - and BAM! good things happen. I recommend them for anyone whos stuck in the middle zone of marketing online.

    But when it comes to reaching the big leagues - like 7 -8 - 9 figures per year . . .

    Who do you suggest to follow?
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    There are already a lot of well-established Internet marketing mentors out there but I never really asked one to help me. However, if you are going to trust one, find the mentor who can show you actual results, the ones that still manifest up to now and not just used-to-be strategies.
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    Don't rely on having an Internet Marketing Mentor in order to become successful.

    The truth is having the BEST Internet Marketing Mentor in the world doesn't mean a thing if you have a very poor work ethic, is unwilling to take action on the advice that is given, and is not willing to put in the only thing that guarantees success... HARD WORK!

    Who is the best Mentor to have in my honest opinion?


    Learn how to train yourself to set realistic goals and actually follow through on achieving them.

    Learn how to wasting time watching TV and playing video games and put in the hours needed to grow your business.

    Do you need to have a mentor to actually do these things?


    All that you actually need to have is a determination to succeed and be successful online.
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    I give free coaching. To me a real mentor believes in helping others prosper. Because if I help you prosper then you return the favor!
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      The best Internet Marketing Mentor is someone who has specialized knowledge and mastery in a particular area.

      There are too many moving parts to try to do everything yourself so the sooner you find the skill you want to master in, the least if you're a one man army, like myself.

      Also, look for someone who is actively building a business now with the same general resources you want to develop in your business. Do they have a large staff? Do they outsource a lot of the work they produce? Do they use webinars frequently? Are they big on social media?

      These are important questions to keep in mind...and don't let price be a barrier. Having the right mentor coaching you in right actions can deliver huge transformational results in your business.
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      Originally Posted by Brandon Lukas View Post

      I give free coaching. To me a real mentor believes in helping others prosper. Because if I help you prosper then you return the favor!
      I don't agree the best mentors give free coaching. I don't want to work with people who have a whole heap of spare time and don't value that time enough to charge for it. I would much rather work with the guys who charge a big fat fee for mentoring because their time is worth so much to them because if not working with you they could be using that time to make a whole lot more money elsewhere. They are the types of mentors you want.
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    One mentor is not enough. You need many mentors, and you also have to learn many things by yourself.
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      Originally Posted by clever7 View Post

      One mentor is not enough. You need many mentors, and you also have to learn many things by yourself.
      Not true. The right mentor is definitely enough. Having several mentors pulling you in all different directions will only serve to hinder your performance if anything.

      The main reason people fail in this industry is because of the exact reason you stated. They always want more of everything. More products and courses, more mentors, more softwares and tools.

      No. Less is more. Focus on one thing at a time (that includes mentors) if you want to succeed.
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        I agree with Art here. It's how they market and what they do that really counts.
        The rest are just smoke and mirrors to make you buy more stuff...
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          Originally Posted by sidneyng View Post

          I agree with Art here. It's how they market and what they do that really counts.
          The rest are just smoke and mirrors to make you buy more stuff...
          Couldn't agree more. There are so many big names out there but you will not really be able to measure their credibility just by looking at their "faces". You really need to try them for yourself before you can make accurate descriptions on their performance. You can never rely on biased testimonials.
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    I think having a good mentor is very helpful. All successful people have someone they advice and follow. If successful people do it - they know why.
    Being around successful folks push you up.

    As lot of people said here - there are lot of good mentors out there, the secret is:
    - to follow only one for a year, mastering what he/her teaches you
    - better find someone who is approachable and interact with you on some level
    - better if they have some mastermind group of success eager entrepreneurs (better if it is payed)

    if you already have some level of success, Eben Pagan is a great mentor. I learned real marketing from him. The problem with this guy - he is not approachable, but lately he has started to invest in others` businesses, so you can join one of his coaching program - and then the sky is the limit.

    good luck, and tell us what you decided ....
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    Internet marketing mentors may give you a walk through the process and this can't really guarantee you the success that you are aiming for. Not all strategies are applicable to all types of people. Some may have lesser resources or motivation than what others have and that can really be a reason for a variation in the success rate of "formulas" of Internet marketing mentors.
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      My suggestion would be to look for mentors who will be able to offer you a step by step approach.

      It's been demonstrated statistically that people do best when information is presented to them in chunks. This way they'll be able to better understand, digest and actually implement the necessary steps.
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  • Profile picture of the author John Romaine
    Ready when you are.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Best ---- On what basis do you consider someone as best?
    Based on how much they have earned?
    Or how much their students have earned?

    It is quite a vague question, define it.
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    I would rather say "EFFECTIVE" mentor.

    I have a mentor right now who is teaching me how to make money using tumblr and pinterest. I could say he's good and honest.

    Above all, I am crossing my fingers that his system is truly effective.

    One thing I hate about some mentors is their promises and claims.

    Mentors vary. There are different mentors for affiliate marketing, traffic generation, SEO, SEM, PPC, CPC, sales funnel, and other aspects of IM.
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  • Profile picture of the author Go4DBest
    Chris Farrel. I think he's one of the best.

    Break a leg.
    We setup and design wordpress sites using the Divi theme for roughly 200 USD. Let's talk.
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    You can make yourself as a Self Mentor !
    you will get to know more as a war room
    member please check the great stuff which
    Allen has provided, you can be on your way..
    be the best
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    Relaying the best piece of advice I could giver anyone wanting to make money ANYWHERE not just online.

    As the great Jim Rohn said:

    "When you work harder on yourself than your job you will be successful!"

    Read that 10 times and UNDERSTAND it ^

    Then you might find you don't need a mentor.

    All the best,

    Chris Jones
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    Hello, there is actually no mentor that is perfect for everyone. The best mentor for you is one who has been where you have been and who is where you want to be. Here I put how to find an Internet marketing mentor that fits your needs:

    1. Do some initial Internet marketing research.
    2. Be prepared to pay for your mentoring.
    3. Become part of a professional marketing association.
    4. Sign up for mentoring sessions at PivotPlanet.
    5. Find an Internet marketing coach from a successful Internet marketing blog.
    6. Apply for an Internet marketing internship.
    7. Look for business coach referrals on blogs and forums.
    8. Hire an Internet marketing consultant.

    Hope these tips helpful for you
    Have a nice day
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    Internet marketing mentors are all different and normally all have therr own unique styles.

    Having said that you must define your own style, what works for your mentor may not work for you.

    What if your mentor is all about video marketing and you hate making videos, do you just do it because your mentor said so or if your mentor is great with paid ads but you dont have the money to get started doen that path.

    Just need to define which marketing methods you prefer and find a mentor with similar style

    if you want a specific name, I would say Brad Campbell

    good luck
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