Ok after a solid year, my website is monetized...now gotta get some traffic

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Maybe I did things backwards, but today is the day where I have my "platform" setup to add TONS of free content.

I already have a good number of articles (blog posts). I have 6 total eBooks written, two of which I give away for free in order to build a list. The other 4 are low-cost eBooks, and I give package deals as well. I have a donations button, and I have a small Adsense ad in the top of my left sidebar widget (Wordpress). I also have some affiliate links interspersed throughout my one free eBook. I'm signed up and approved to 6 different affiliate programs.

A year may seem like a long time, but I actually was idle for almost 9 months, and then I just got the bug up my ass to start busting my ass and actually make some s*** happen. Over the last three months I have accomplished a ton in getting the "income generating" platform set up just how I want it... All my eBooks displayed for sale on the right side (all relevant to the thereof the site), a nice archives page, a million ideas for all types of free content... Basically I wanted to have a good "base" of content before I started hardcore promoting.

Now that I have that base, I just setup a Facebook fan page. My advertising methods are going to be geared towards building an audience by constantly supplying them with free content every single day...I'm going to use YouTube and my Facebook page as my primary methods of communication. However, I will also use forums and commenting as well.

Someone recommended to mean another post to do some guest blogging as well.

It would be safe to say that at this point, I essentially have no following (unless someone knows about me from organic google searches), but I do feel that I have a very attractive overall "product", which is my website as a whole...that's as opposed to any one particular eBook.

Now, is there any additional suggestions that anyone has?

I do have money in my savings account , roughly $10,000....but I'm also self-employed with a mortgage to pay, so I'm very hesitant to dip into that unless absolutely necessary. I don't want to piss any money away if I can build up a following for free.

My financial goal is to achieve about $3000/month via. the Internet. I know this is a very achievable goal, and I feel that my work thus far is a decent start into a nice niche. However, I still don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to the actual "making money" part. I've gotten very good at creating a very nice site with all income-generating avenues in place... Now, I just need to figure out how to generate the income...I'm thinking getting traffic may be a start .

I will be providing a pretty cool service on my site too as another "freebie".
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    First of all good luck with your new business. How fast you'll reach your goal of making 3k per month depends on how many hours you'll dedicate daily to this specific task.

    You need to have a work system in place, otherwise you could easily get distracted, especially when you're just getting started with the promotional part of your plan.

    Having said that, you now need to get moving on driving traffic, that will be your main focus for the next few months.

    I suggest you develop a few nice, professionally done banners and buy banner advertising on related websites. Have a tracking system in place and make sure to negotiate the rates with the website owners.

    Then, after you'll have history in terms of conversions and the likes, you can go ahead and setup an affiliate program. You can offer your affiliates 100% commissions on the front end offer, this way being able to build a list of actual buyers, rather than just prospects.
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      If you're looking for laser targetted, fresh traffic at the click of a button, you shouldn't look beyond Google alerts AND it's far less labour intensive than trawling aimlessly through blogs and forums.

      You can really focus on the specifics of the niche that you're targeting and get emails directly to your inbox when people are discussing your company / keyword / problem. Then as if by magic, you join in the conversation and steer the prospect to your site / offer / product / YouTube video (this method is great for retention views BTW).
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    Earning $3,000 a month is not really impossible, especially with the kind of attitude that you seem to possess towards the business. You only need to work extra hard each day just to get that. For the traffic, advertising can be of great help to you. But you should still make sure that you make time to create (or outsource) valuable content for your website. Good luck!
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    If your blog is already getting good targeted search traffic then you need to focus on converting that traffic to customers. Building a list and then marketing to them is an approach that will help even if there is dip in search traffic at times.
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      Originally Posted by veekay31 View Post

      If your blog is already getting good targeted search traffic then you need to focus on converting that traffic to customers. Building a list and then marketing to them is an approach that will help even if there is dip in search traffic at times.
      Yes, of course, make a list. Turn your visitors into members or customers. Your mindset should be to never afford to lose a member. Keep in touch with them and find the best way to market the product or service that you have, or whatever that you are offering there. Use the power of social media, if you must.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! Much appreciated.

    I like some of these suggestions, especially the ones about having banner ads created and this google alerts thing. I've never thought of those things. I never even heard of google alerts actually!
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