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by Raasta
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Good evening Warriors,

I have just started an online health supplements company

I would like to obtain advice or get ideas from experienced warriors on what my site lacks or what I can do to improve the navigation of users on the site, etc.

Thanks in advance

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    What is more important than any theory is an fundamental framework is your traffic.

    I've been in the Internet marketing game for quite some time now, so when I tell you I know a thing or two, you would agree.

    Take the time to make sure that your on-site SEO is structured, well.

    As long as you have your on-site at Seo structured well. The next thing you should do is begin driving traffic.

    If you need more structured step-by-step understanding of the SEO I suggest reading up on it from my credible source.

    Make sure that you have proper traffic tracking and can version an analysis set up so you can see exactly what your traffic visitors are doing (I do not recommend Google analytics).

    From there it Your layout and structure Accordingly.

    This is a broad question and can be discussed in length, but the simple overview will help you if you implemented.

    If there's anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.
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