What is the benefit for spammers that sign up for my mailing list?

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It makes no sense as to why people would want to register for my mailing list. I can understand comment spam, with the whole back links thing...but why do people spam my mailing list???

I get 2-3 fake registrations per day, and it pisses me off. I think aweber recognizes them as fake because my subscriber count doesn't go up.

Also, how do I stop this crap...the comment spam was pissing me off so much that I just ended up disabling comments on my site. I'd like to have an interactive site, but the f***ing spammers ruin that for me.

But now they are hitting my lists. Wtf!!!!
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  • We use Aweber too and believe that they always insist that those who sign up have to confirm it really was them BEFORE they are added and actually on your mailing list as we don't have this problem.

    Did you disable the double opt in confirmation link? If so re-enable it, and either use their video "please confirm" message or add a thank you page and a download page to your free gift if you are using one to get sign ups? Make sure it is of real value!

    Otherwise we cannot see how people like that are on your list?

    Also, If you are using WordPress and getting spam comments, download "anti-spam bee" into your Wordpress site and you will never get spam comments. We did this and solved that problem.

    Do you have security installed on your website because if these scumbags are hitting your lists they must have been able to hack into your website or somehow got access to your prospects?

    To your success.

    Stephen & Jennifer.
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    For comment spam in wordpress, akismet used to work but for some reason they get past filters. In the last 3 months I received about 200 spam commments missed by akismet.

    Totally, there are over 10 000 spam comments in the last month. I think that people read on some forum, install a software on their server to "promote their website" and it just send spam messages again and again. The script may be never stopped.

    People usually forgot to disable running scripts after not using it. For example, for one of my website I started to provide an API, 4 years ago. After 1 year, I decided that I cannot let the API to be accessed uncontrolled, because my servers were brought down by 2-3 "heavy users". Then, I implemented an API key based access. After 3 years, a lot of web servers are still trying to query the API without a key. Probably they never deleted that line of code.
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    Well they aren't showing up as a subscriber so I guess they are never confirming their opt-in. However, I do get about 3 emails per day letting me know that someone entered their name and email into my sign up form. I guess it's no big deal as long as they aren't going onto my list.

    As for the comments, maybe I'll give it another whirl with one of those anti-comment spam programs. I was hesitant to pay for akismet, but maybe I'll give it a whirl.

    What a pain in the ass these spammers are!
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    They do it for two reasons IMO.

    1.) To check out your funnel.
    2.) To get freebie without you e-mailing them.

    A way around that if you ask me, is to tell them there free gift will be emailed to them.
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    But in order to actually get their "freebies" and actually get on my list, they need to click the confirmation link in the opt-in email, which they don't do...they don't complete the final step. However I always get emails saying "new user registered for your site"...but they don't actually get anything from doing that. It makes no sense!

    It's always from a different "hotmail" email address too.

    I hardly have any traffic too, so I have no clue what these prick spammers are trying to do!
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    They could be doing it just to make their spam accounts look legit, by signing up for things and having an "active" email address. Just a thought though, and a weird one at that.


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    I've had the odd rogue sign-up on my lists after a similar fashion even though using double opt-in. What I've found is that on sending out a broadcast messsage to my lists I get auto-replies from the "rogues" containing sp*m info/links etc.

    Many of us will have experienced this. Frustrating though easy enough to identify and weed out.
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      Originally Posted by zimzalabim View Post

      I've had the odd rogue sign-up on my lists after a similar fashion even though using double opt-in. What I've found is that on sending out a broadcast messsage to my lists I get auto-replies from the "rogues" containing sp*m info/links etc.

      Many of us will have experienced this. Frustrating though easy enough to identify and weed out.
      Ahhh, that's a good one, signing up so they can spam you!


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    Okay I think some of the forum members are confused in whether spammers put your email on their list or they put fake emails on your list. I am guessing your question was why they put fake emails on your list.

    They do this because most people including myself, try to get the free stuff without divulging their email address. If they see that they have to confirm first, they will either skip on your website or enter a new real email address. That is why you need double opt-ins. So that people who are just out to get the free gift with fake ids, don't end up on your list and in the process costing you. It will be wise to turn off notifications of new sign ups. It gets old pretty fast.
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    It's definitely some sort of spam "program" it seems like.

    It's up to about 8 people per day registering (or trying to, but not doing the second part where they have to confirm their email aka. Double. Opt-in).

    I constantly get email notifications that say "new user registration for your site"

    Name: Harriet Labowski

    Email: rghztough@hotmail.com (I just made this info up)

    - it's always a different "person"

    - the email address never matches the name of the fake person

    - it's always a hotmail

    - according to my aweber account, they aren't doing the second opt-in step because they aren't actually getting added to my list.

    Therefore they aren't actually spamming me with links or getting free stuff. Rather, I just have to constantly erase lots of spam emails. It's a major pain in the ass!

    I have sign up sheets on my page at the end of every blog post which just allows people to freely sign up for site updates. I also have two free eBooks, each of which requires you to register for my site.

    The consistency of how it's the exact same type of spam everytime tells me that it's some sort of bot or something.
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      It's a bot.

      They aren't "signing up for your list" - the bot doesn't know it's a list. All the bot "knows" is that it found a live form on the Internet.

      As far as I can tell, the bots fall into two groups:

      1) Link spammers, as you alluded to in the original post. They attempt to drop comments into any form they find, from blog post comments to old guest books that are still running.

      2) More nefarious bots looking for form handler scripts they can hack for their own purposes. It may be to try finding a back door to your server, any financial info that might not be secure, etc. It might also be looking for access to an less than secure SMTP server they can use to send their spam.

      You might want to get in touch with Aweber support to see if they have a solution to blocking these bots.
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    I figured it out...

    It actually had nothing to do with my aweber list. Rather the bots were directly registering for my website via. the backdoor login page (wp-admin) and clicking "register". All I had to do was login, then go to settings>General then uncheck the box that says "allow users to register".

    I was up to 10 a day...until I finally decided to call my hosting service...and they fixed me up!

    This update is just in case anyone has this problem.
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    They can't steal anything from you, all they can get is the free guides you offer to your list.
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