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I own a local monthly print magazine. Now that I have built up a substantial list of local resident emails, I want to discontinue the print publication and do weekly editions that I send via email. I would like to get advertisers to purchase banner ads each week. Some of my print advertisers will not make the move. I may pick up some others that can afford the lesser email rates.

Does anyone have any experience they could share regarding local email marketing? My list is close to 10k email addresses. What should I charge for a banner each week?

Thank you!
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    That is the $1000 dollar question. It depends on how responsive your list is. Have you ask your list if they would rather receive a digital version VS. a print version of your newsletter?

    The more responsive your list is the higher you should charge for ads in your newsletter.
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    Just personal opinion :> and sorry for a bad english

    I think both of them have their own plus and minus point...

    people tends not read a email when it comes in "offerring" subject (spam)... and in this point, the offline method wins... as for myself, even if the magazine is also "offering" subject, somehow i still look at the offer even just for a glance...

    on the contrary, offline method usually comes with a bigger amount of money needed for the printing/publishing... while you can save pretty much money using online method :>

    why don't you use both offline and online method simultaneously? :>
    if you still make money from the offline/printing method, you can use the money to fund your online campaign :>
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      Good thoughts. Thanks wrcato2 and he_august. The print environment is decaying with lower ad prices, fewer advertisers and fewer pages. It is difficult to fill a reasonably sized edition ad-wise. I guess the question is whether the weekly would have valuable info and offers to make it well received and something people look forward to receiving.
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    I agree with what wrcato2 said. No matter how long your list may be, if not a single person from that list will respond, you will not really be able to get anything from it. You should definitely know how good your list is before you can come up with reasonable rates.
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    All depends on how responsive your list is!!
    I am back!
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    Since you have a list, why not ask your list as to what they prefer much better - receiving online updates or offline updates.

    If you got a very responsive list, then that is already a win-win situation. all you have to do is to charge higher for your ads since your list is very responsive and for sure, most of them would read your magazine.
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      Thank you everyone. Guess I'll have to test my list to see how responsive it is. Perhaps if I tell them print is getting too expensive to mail, they will accept the emailed version. Only one way to find out.
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    You don't have to worry how responsive is the list, you only need to meet your client and tell them you have the 10,000 local targeted list, ask if they want to buy advertisement from you.

    If the price is affordable then i think people will buy, because 1 local business transaction is worth 100x the money paid for an email advertising fee.

    find a good copy writer to write the email is more important in this case.

    you can build a directory website and slowly move your list there, then you will have more advertising opportunity on the website.

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    Thank you for your great response. I had never thought of backing into a directory. So even if I charge $50 for a banner ad on my online magazine that I send to 10,000 local people, it's still is mostly profit. Maybe I should start with more generic advertisers like pizza places and dentists and dry cleaners and see how they do. If they do well, then I know how much to charge everyone else.
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    I agree, the first thing you should do is contact your list and see if they would prefer to receive the your newsletter digitally or in printed form. The consumer is who you want and need to make that decision. This question will also help to tell you how responsive your list actually is. Business owners, just like yourself, will pay according to the results that they are able to see for there advertisement and you should adjust your prices accordingly. Hope this helps.

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