The Billion Dollar Income Potential In The Smart Watch Market

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It's official, the smart watch is the new craze.

Every time a new consumer market emerges a few new billionaires are created. Due to the increasing popularity and demand for the smart watches I think the same might be true for this market.

Here is a summary of how it happens.
  1. Be the first one in (establish expertise)
  2. Create a platform (preferably to serve ads or launch apps)
  3. Establish authority (do what you do really well)

The great thing about new markets is that there are very few to zero experts. Becoming an expert in a young market is fairly easy since there is not much that is known about it.

This is purely theoretical because I've never done it, but it's interesting to think about. What do you guys think?
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    I think the question is how do you monetize a new trend such as this one?

    I remember years and years ago when the Microsoft Zune was launched, I joined about 3 other guys and we started a Zune forum. The site pretty much exploded because everyone was so interested in knowing about this "iPod killer". Unfortunately, we were all so naive at the time that we didn't monetize very well at all for the crowd we had and we essentially walked away breaking even after a few years.

    If I had more time, I could see someone starting an authority forum on these new smart watches.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I haven't really heard anything about this "smart watch" market but I'm very interested in learning more, especially since I'm a watch enthusiast.

    What is it about this market that excites you? Is there anything one can point to about it that would make you lose sleep?
    Make every day count!
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    Smart watches and Google Glass form just a fraction of the HUGE wearable wireless field.

    Once Glassware is released, the field will be blown wide open.

    Start writing down your ideas. There might be some strands there that might make for a good business plan.
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    All this stuff is interesting but it makes me wonder whether it is too much, too soon. So many companies are jumping on the bandwagon pushing out products trying to be the "best _______"! I feel we have too much high-tech stuff now. We don't need a smartwatch that allows us to answer emails. I think its best function would be as a notifying device, not a replacement for a smartphone.

    Smartphone this, smartwatch that ... just dumbing down the world!
    Make every day count!
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      Originally Posted by Art of Marketing View Post

      Samsung has beat Apple to the punch. But it seems for now its only an extension of your smartphone.

      May save some lives for the hard headed people who still drive and use cells. Or not. :rolleyes:

      The real kicker is that the price is outrageous.
      Tech BSOs like this are always buggy in V1.0, I am intrested in the V2.0s that will follow that will be a stand alone not tethered to a smartphone.
      This will be a lucrative niche, start banging out content now and establishing authority. Cha-Ching!
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    hey Gideon

    I'd like you also give us a proven example, not just theory
    You won't believe it!
    This NICHE made me $300,000...
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    Do you really think it's a big market ?

    Personnaly I will never buy a smart watch, prefer the old lookin ones

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      Originally Posted by ValentinCavelier View Post

      Do you really think it's a big market ?

      Personnaly I will never buy a smart watch, prefer the old lookin ones
      Massive is the word my friend.

      Both apple and Samsung will be coming out with these watches and the brand power alone will generate millions of sales.

      Will these "smart" watches stick around like the smart phones did?

      Only time will tell but there is no denying that at least in the near future, these things are going to be massive.

      “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    With that current size and shape I dont see it going far. I like the idea but wont buy one until they can make them mold to the arm and allow for a large user interface (and make me feel like a time traveller).
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    So what is the best way to sell them on a website and make something off them.

    I just picked up 2 new website names to start with.
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    I think smart watches are going to be over hyped and not much is going to come of them.

    I mean what will you be able to do that you can't yet do on your current smartphone?

    What will set smart watches apart? Why would people want them?

    I hear alot of marketers talk about their potential but you know what? I don't hear any of my friends, family or any other non-marketing people talk about having one or even wanting one, more or less even knowing what they would use one for.

    Until someone can answer why would I want one, how will it benefit my life, and what can I do with it that I can't do with my current smartphone then I am going to stay away
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    Well, with the growing number of mobile (Internet) users worldwide, I am not surprised to know that smart watches are becoming a new craze now. I first heard about smart watches more than a year ago and I really thought that they're a bit overpriced. But if they can make me rich in any way, I'd definitely consider adding them to my plans.
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