Can I use the name of a company in my domain?

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I would like to make a website to promote products from Amazon and link people through my site. For example or such, and we write reviews about great toys they can but.

Can I get sued for using that name? Am I allowed to use that name? I am helping Amazon in a way...
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    Hey @domino123, good question. I've spoken with some experts in the law field and they've suggested that unless we have written consent from the company allowing their brand name in our domain name then it isn't a good idea since it can come back and bite us in the butt... ie: a big lawsuit, even years later.

    If we're using Amazon's name for example, we will be attracting some people who will perhaps think that we're part of the Amazon company and we would be getting a business advantage where we normally would not.

    I would suggest an alternative in the toy domain name if I were choosing it, just to be safe.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    Never ever buy a trademarked domain name.

    You won't help the company, but put yourself into hot water. They won't sue you, they'll require you give them the domain name or cease using it.

    So all your months and years of hard work and effort will go down the drain.

    I suggest you brainstorm for some relevant and keyword rich domain names instead

    Use a keyword research tool and type in "toy" and "toys", and you'll be able to come up with a list of good potential domain names.

    Let us know how it worked for you.
    You won't believe it!
    This NICHE made me $300,000...
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    I was just about to tell you about the Nike thread that I encountered days ago, but I can see that NeshSab has already shared the link to you. Well, yes, the best thing for you to do now is to just use good keywords for your domain name. You will not really get any realistic benefits if you will add a company's brand to your domain name.
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      Yes, you absolutely can get sued. It is so not worth it to build your business on the back of another company's name. Its not a matter of if you are going to have trouble, but when.

      You don't need a keyword phrase domain either, just one that makes sense and that people can remember without a lot of dashes or more than 3 words. There is almost always something available in the big 3 com, net, org if you add a prefix or suffix word.

      I like domainsbot dot com for finding domain names because they never seem to register them out from under you while you are searching.

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    You can't use brand/trade names in your website or else you are calling for trouble.

    Besides, amazon won't approve your request by the time they see your URL and if you
    ever bypass them you will get indefinite ban once they find out.

    You don't need any trade names to succeed except if you have inferiority complex which i attribute to poor marketing skills..
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    i have experience to tell you NO

    If the company is big, after you have got page 1 ranking, their lawyer will contact you to claim the domain.

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    I will be in a few months hopefully pursuing a few people for domains that breach my trademark.... well hopefully sion to be trademark. :-)

    Just dont do it... I figured you already new the answer befire you posted :-)
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    You could be helping Amazon but you would not really get any benefit from it. If you have already bought the domain name, that is something you will regret. Just do not continue using that domain anymore. And do not make efforts in developing that page. You will be asked to shut it down, eventually.
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