Problem with Adtrackz Gold (Actions, Sales)

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Anybody tracking actions and sales with Adtrackz Gold?
I have installed the WP plugin, set up a campaidn and the track conversions.
I have put the code for actions on my offer page, and the code for sales on the thank you page.
When I go through the funnel, it shows my clicks (only raw, but not even unique -> stays on 0), but it does not count actions or sales....
I use it on authority pro, but guess it should not make a difference which tool (optimize press or similar) I use... the HTML code is there...
When I try it on a simple wordpress site (no other plugins/tools), I got once an action, but also the sales do not work....
Any idea? Do I need to do something on cpanel at the hoster first?
Since I did not install it as the "normal" software I don't think I have to change permissions, the plugin should do that....

thanks for your feedback
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