Any expeience with Pay Per Lead?

by jadog
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Hey guys I have a client that needs to issue large business loans. 20 Million dollar plus. These would be loans to Finance businesses like Auto Financing, Pay Day advances etc... We are looking for the best way to generate leads the volume will probably be low.

He can issue up to 100 loans per month.

I'm thinking about offering a Pay Per Lead system to help meet his demand.
My limited experience with this is the Rehab Space and it work quite well.

I was also thinking we could do an affiliate system with very large commissions like $20k per closed loan.

I have allot of IM experience but this is a rather unique situation.

I'm not looking for affiliates at this point just some advice on how you would market this.

I have the deal and have a PPC Budget and am in the process of building 11 Websites.
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    I would suggest you create a CPA offer and pay affiliates on a per lead basis. Use a top CPA Network like MaxBounty, Neverblue, etc. These companies have a ton of affiliates just waiting to sell something like this. Your CPA Network rep can also give you conversion statistics, lead estimates, and estimated per lead costs from current comparable offers on their site.
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    I agree with ppetri. The affiliates will take care of the advertising for you. Neverblue is the most reliable I guess.
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    Yep .. they nailed it

    Contact a reputable CPA company and tap into their existing affiliate pool

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    If you'd be interested in utilizing a CPA network like some others have suggested, you can check out the following page in how to become an advertiser with MaxBounty.

    Become an Advertiser at MaxBounty
    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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