Would these niches be worth it?

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Hey guys, Joshua here

Long time lurker - first time poster!

My goal is to take all my talents/abilities and turn them into multiple streams of income (nice idea right?)

A little background about me : I'm a professional Stage Hypnotist and also a Street Hypnotist and can offer great knowledge and coaching through an information product/course. I have all the expertise needed to have an authority/celebrity status in this field but was wondering if this would be a profitable niche?

I'm also a Professional Mentalist (psychological illusionist) and Stage magician/illusionist as well as a street magician (card expert, coin expert and sleight of hand expert) I plan on also breaking these talents down into information products/courses as well

And last but not least I'm also a Professional Guitar instructor. I've been giving lessons for about 7 years and have been playing since I was eight years old -I'm 22 currently. Would this be a profitable niche? This is the one I plan on focusing on first.

Now, I have all the abilities/talents I'd ever need to be successful in these fields but I figure I should focus on one thing at a time and then move on to another niche once I get this on autopilot.

My plan of action is to build a Wordpress site (using optimize press/ profits theme) Then create a squeeze page with a video (offering a bribe) to build a list, and then drive traffic to it via ppc seo etc (I might possibly outsource this, although I get the jist of adwords) Then promote offers to the list while adding value to their lives.

Sorry for rambling, I guess I'm just suffering from too much information overload it's slowly but surely driving me crazy But I wanted to make sure these were profitable niches here especially the guitar instruction one - maybe I could drip feed the content and make it a membership site. I'd appreciate any of your guys' thoughts and tips I'm a relative newbie here to internet marketing (although I get the general idea).

Thanks again!
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    If you can build a website I would suggest using a membership site to start.

    I always incorporate membership software in every site I build even if I do not use it right from the beginning.

    When the time comes simply activate it.

    Keep Learning!
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    Wow, you have a lot of special skills and talents. Aren't you contented with what you are earning from those? Kidding aside, the kinds of niche you are trying to enter are very interesting. However, you may want to be more specific. It seems like you have so many ways to generate income for yourself. Good luck!
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      thanks guys I should upload some videos but this forum is not for that :p I just found direct mail to be so expensive so I'm branching out to this online thing. I have alot of frank kerns courses, and john reese as well as all eben pagans courses etc lets just say i spent alot of money already however i have pretty much everything from dan kennedy too and waaaaaaaay more. So i'm suffering from information overload. If anyone can help or would like to chat and share ideas feel free to private message me and we can skype or something.

      I'd really appreciate the help or insights or if you'd just like to chat and discuss business ideas I'm looking to network with other internet marketers so I'm not going through this thing alone. My goal is to make enough money online to pay for a mentor and start going to seminars etc.

      With all that being said, thanks to everyone that replied, I'm looking forward to hopefully figuring this out!
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    hey mate
    start by keyword researching ... research for the most searched keywords in your niche

    make a couple of videos and upload to youtube...keep in mind that your on-page SEO is perfect...boost the video by purchasing some views and likes... than tell the viewers that if they want to learn how the trick is done than they should signup to your mailing list

    rinse and repeat
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      That's a good idea. I have outsource force by John Reese and was thinking about using some tactics from that program to help in my weak areas. I'm going to start filming soon though!
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    Build Facebook pages, dude. You can build many pages and attract different crowd with FB ads. Then your pages should go viral because of your expertise and authority. Then you decide what to do with all those overwhelming traffic, pleasant problem
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      damn that's a good idea. I'm gonna have to do that
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    You're golden. Skill-sets like that means product creation and membership sites with no problem.

    Put together a list of specific target audiences for each niche.

    Do some keyword research, Facebook interest research and Google trends research to ensure there's a market.

    Choose a specific audience to serve.

    Plan out your product, delivery method and promotional method.

    Learn guitar niche is huge, but I kind of think the hypnotist thing is cool ... but I have no idea if there's a market for that ... I'm sure there is.

    Good luck, but I don't think you'll need it.
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    I think you go the right idea. But the evergreen niches have done the best for us. Health, wealth and especially relationships. People in these niches, have money an willing to part ways with it to help improve their lives.
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