How to Run a JV Affiliate Contest/ Find Hot Prizes

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Me and my partner we're launching a product next month (hopefully) and we're looking for a JV broker (we have a separate thread on that already..)

My question is: how do we find hot prizes to offer these top affiliates, do we just contact our online buddies in the IM niche and other product owners, and just ASK them?

"What's in it for me' would be their question, isn't it?

What do you suggest to:

1. Where to find hot prizes
2. How to persuade people to give the best prize ('what's in it for them'?)

Thank you!
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    1. Where to find hot prizes

    It's up to you bro, you can offer cash or stuff such as iPhone or Mac

    2. How to persuade people to give the best prize (‘what’s in it for them’?)

    If she/he can send a lots of targeted and converting traffic to your offer

    Yes, you need to ask the product owner who has a similar or relevant product with you and send them JV invitation

    Hope this helps

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    normally they will do like, iphone or $300 cash, submarine or $250 cash, Lamborghini or $100 cash

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    Be unique, don't use same prices like others.

    I would give out something like:
    1st price: 2 FlyBoards (Google it) + free delivery - or cash
    2nd price: 3D printer - or cash
    3rd price: 7 day cruise for 2 - or cash

    5th, 6th etc cash prices only.

    I've tested FlyBoard and it's a really cool toy. I've seen F1 simulator (hydraulic f1 seat) as a 1st price in affiliate contest. Be cool, be unique and you get people promoting for you.

    Search for "expensive gadgets" in Google and i'm sure you will find lots of ideas...

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    in my experience, almost everybody will pick the cash option. So pick some creative prizes that get attention just for the buzz, that's okay, but just know that most affiliates will likely just want cash.

    As they say, cash is...
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