Tip: quickly add "Outlook" items to your Google calendar

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Hey Warriors,

Whenever I sign up for webinars, I like to add it to my calendar so I don't miss it.

I use Google calendar, and it takes several steps to get the info in one the correct date and time. Once I even added a webinar on the wrong day!

I've often wondered if there was an easier way.

In the webinar info, there is often a link to add to add the event to an Outlook calendar.

With so many people using Google calendar, you would think they would have a way to add it to Google too. But...there's a workaround!

Here's how to add the event in your Google calendar "automatically" and make sure you have the details right. I'm looking at a GoToWebinar email right now; other services may be similar.

1. Click on the link in the email that says "Add to your Outlook calendar".

2. Select "Save File" and save it to your desktop. In this case, the file is webinar.ics.

3. Go to your Google calendar and find the "Add" link. On my calendar, it is on the bottom right of the "Other Calendar" section on the left side of the screen.

4. Select "Import Calendar".

5. Select the appropriate file (the one you just downloaded) and click the Import button.

6. You're done! The event will now appear on your calendar.

The whole process takes less than a minute, and you have all the info accurately placed on your calendar. Simple.
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    Awesome! That's the precise solution I was looking for. Thanks for that.

    The 'Voice' of Internet Marketing - quality voice over with a quick turnaround at a 'wso' price. :)

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    You're welcome! Did you try it? I don't participate in as many webinars as I did in the past and have no idea if it still works.
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