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I am looking to find an alternative to Clickbank where I can host my two products (one ebook and one home study course). I want something that:

a.) Takes a lower cut (not more than 5%)

b.) Don't interfere too much with what I can do with my sales page (as of right now, I can't price my home study course over 100 dollars. I want to charge 500 for it.)

I use DAP (Digital Access Pass) and have a merchant account (although, I'd rather not use it if it's possible.)

This is what I want to do with it:

1. Want to be able to give 100% commissions to affiliates (instead of just 75% like on Clickbank)

2. Want it to track and pay affiliates automatically (to increase the trust-factor when finding affiliates)

3. I want it to be easy for affiliates to sign up and get paid.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Can't say I've tried them but you might want to check ClickBetter. They seem to be doing a decent job.
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    Thanks, will check them out.

    Btw, just found DigiResults. They seem to be able to do everything that I want. Any good?
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    sounds really interesting but can there actually be any program better than ClickBank? I am yet to know. Perhaps other warriors should know
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    I just found out that Digiresults are actually more expensive than the Clickbank mafia.
    It comes down to about 8% + 0.50 per transaction.

    With JVZoo, do you have to accept payments through PayPal or can I get paid by bank transfer instead? I'd rather not deal with PayPal at all because of their random freezings of accounts.
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    JVzoo listing is free and if you set it to a dime sale, it create a scarcity urgency to the buyer. in clickbank sale, the price is always remain, so user can delay the purchase or they never come back again.

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    Btw, JVZoo also only works with PayPal. I do not want to use PayPal for obvious reasons.
    Are there any options left?
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    Now I also found out that JVZoo snatches the email addresses from your buyers list and rents it out.

    Can anyone tell me a good affiliate platform that doesn't rob you in the process?
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      Have you tried They have different plans according to your needs. If you want them to do everything they take a larger cut (7 percent). If you just want them to take care of affiliates, you don't have to pay much. Seems like their hybrid plan might work for you. Click2Sell Fees

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  • DealGuardian does absolutely everything you listed in your OP.
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    You might want to check out Share A Sale ... not sure about costs or charges etc.,
    Trade without Boundaries.
    Start with $30 Trading Bonus.
    No Deposit Required
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    Jvzoo 10/10.

    I prefer them more than clickbank and they seem to care more about their customers than clickbank hehe (just some personal experience)
    SocialWarrior - Cheapest Social Marketing Services
    Just message me for greater discounts :)
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      Originally Posted by sk8tavou View Post

      Jvzoo 10/10.

      I prefer them more than clickbank and they seem to care more about their customers than clickbank hehe (just some personal experience)
      I signed up for JVZoo last night but it seemed like I needed to use PayPal. How is your experience with that? I don't want to have my funds frozen in the middle of a campaign or product launch.

      Anonymous Affiliate: DealGuardian looked really good until I saw that you had to have customer reviews on your order page. Not that my product isn't good but one or two haters can really screw things up.
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    Yes Jvzoo its great.

    There's also CJ,clicksure,click2sell and share a sale.
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    I use a lot of now...this is a good place
    Domains for sale:
    - is for sale on ( for 18.000€.
    - Also they listed as premium domain for sale on NameCheap for $24000.
    Looking for a quick flip...PM me.
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    jvzoo Is a great website to def. check out for yourself. Many people have transferred from Click bank to Jvzoo. There are alot more clients and users recently. I hope you find out what you need to achieve and wish you the best of luck my friend. Either way never give up on what you want to accomplish.
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