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Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has ever just used solo ads as their internet marketing strategy and had success without building a list?....thanks
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    Building a list is a must. I highly recommended it, so you can optimize your budget for the solo ads or other paid traffic methods. Once you have your own list, your customers/ clients can buy something many times from you... again again again.
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    If you have a great offer, solo ads can work to help you build your own lists. Just don't send the solo ads straight to the merchant or your own landing page without capturing the emails.
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    I use solo ads as a list building method. I wouldn't send them straight to a sales page or try and build a business in IM without a list.
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    I have tried Solo Adds and I am still trying. I send the traffic to a free download in exchange for email address.

    So far I have not had a great result and new subscribers are costing over a $1 and they are not responsive to the follow up emails. (I accept that my whole squeeze page and email sequence is work in progress (tracking and testing)).

    So of the traffic and sign ups are random countries, so those leads are unlikely to be good quality.

    My advice would be to try solo adds from people who have been recommended to you (I guess there will be a section on here somewhere) and buy on recommendation and NOT price, and ask the question where they got the list from. Try a small number of clicks from different people and see how it goes (track through pretty link of some such) and then buy more from the person who gives you the best converting leads.


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    hi paul,

    For testimonial on solo ads on good buyer potential,

    you can check on the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/Solo...nials/?fref=ts

    Hope it helps.
    Check out my converting solo ads for IM/MMO offers here. 60% subscribers from premium countries.

    Shorten your Facebook Ads process easily up with automation. Click here
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    I really don't think it'spossible to build a long term sustainable business without building your list.Personally,i have used Solo ads with great results.For them to work for you,you need some things set up in place
    1)A good solo ad seller - some solo ads sellers sell junky clicks so you have to do your due dilligence first
    2)A High converting squeeze page - personally,since my first solo ad,i have not had a squeeze page that converted less than 43% and that's basically because i understand sales psychology so you should work on that - it's not only the 'bribe' (free offer)that makes them opt in but the headline,background and even the access button has proved to improve opt in rates after tweaking them a little
    3)A good back end SLO - SLO simply means a self liquidating offer.If you use an SLO that does not convert well,you won't break even.So you must focus on getting a product that is a little low priced and converts well so you can break even and get subscribers for free (basically)

    Hope that helped!

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    I agree, do not send this traffic directly to a sales page, always use an opt-in page to collect emails first....
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    Definitely wouldn't suggest using solo ads if you are not building a list.

    Seems like a waste of loot

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    I've been pretty successful with them, but it comes down to a ton of factors.

    - Are the leads on the solo ads fresh or on a ton of lists already?
    - Are the leads targeted?
    - Where do the leads come from? PPC? SEO? Facebook?
    - Is your free gift good?
    - Is your squeeze page good?
    - Are your follow up emails good?
    - Do you have an OTO (one time offer) to separate the freebie seekers from the buyers?
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    It amazes me that more of warriors don't want to build an email list for their business. Although the majority are interested in making quick cash from affiliate commissions, few of them are interested in building an email list that they can contact and follow-up with...and that’s a shame.

    Building an email list is perhaps the first and the most important task you must do .
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    Like what others are saying in this thread, one of the purposes of a Solo Ad is to capture emails. Once you get those emails, it is up to you to engage your list. Build a relationship and work on converting them. It works out in the long run.
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      I agree about building a list. You then have a ready source of customers to tap into when you start a new site or have a different giveaway
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    I wouldn't promote any offer without a list. As far as not having a good response from solo ads you are probably not using a good provider. For CPA offers or surveys a general list should be good to the right list. But what you really want is to get solo ads sent to a buyers list.

    The buyers list is a list of people that have purchased a product from the list owner.

    Hope this helps
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    I've used solo Ads and had a lot of success mostly due to the simple fact of "Split Testing" always remember the following:

    1. Ask How They Obtain Their Leads?
    2. How Responsive Is The List?
    3. Will They Send It To The "Buyers List"?

    Also a quick tip for creating highly effective solo ad is using your landing or squeeze pages "Headline" as the "Subject" and a power benefit as the body message and keep it short and congruent!

    New Upcoming Product Launch! FB Ninja Formula Exclusive Access.

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    I definitely wouldn't use solo ads to send them directly to a sales page, list building really is a must. If you send them directly to your offer and even if they buy, the customer is gone forever after that. It's much better to capture their email address first and then send them to the offer.
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    Some solo blasts will be profitable but others won't, so don't rely on them. You can use solo ads to increase your own subscribers and/or to make some extra money.
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    solo ads do work well but it's no good you using them without building a list

    no only that, most solo sellers won't send you traffic unless it's going to a free offer/squeeze page anyway

    I've been buying solo's for over 2 years now and learned a lot

    Here's an in depth post I did giving away lots of tips to make your solo ads more profitable

    50 Solo Ads and over $3000 Later |

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    Yes I have used solo ads several times, it's very useful in different ways, like for traffic generation, list building, sales and conversions ect.
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