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I've been promoting a software that is sold through JVzoo by signing up other affiliates and getting paid a small omission on every sale they make. A two tier set so to speak.

here's where I need help.

I've been receiving payments but upon asking the product owner to let me know which one of the affiliates I signed up has been making sales, I'm told that JVZoo does not provide that information inside of his seller dashboard.

I find this hard to believe. Not that I don't trust the seller, I just think he's just looking in the wrong place. I cannot imagine any reason why the seller would be denied access to the details of who from his 2 tier affiliates have made sales and how many.

What are we missing here. He's told me he contacted JVZoo but is not getting any replies after several days.

If you can shed any light on this, I would be grateful.

Thank you.
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    Hi Stewart - I don't have any 2nd tier affiliate products in JVZoo now - but I've always gotten answers back from JVZoo's support desk rather quickly. I think that Clickbank doesn't allow you to see the second tier affiliates either (if I remember correctly) but you can communicate to them through the system. If you want to offer advise and support to the affiliates under you I would contact JVZoo again.
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    • Thanks Ann,

      Why would Clickbank, or any other provider want to deny the product owner that information?

      Or at a minimum the person who signed up the affiliate should have access to that info?

      I'm only going on what's been said to me, that there has been no answer for days. Thx again for your input.
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