What to do with some freebies on my site?

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Hi everyone,

I just need some advice on some marketing activity. I recently launched a new website in the education genre which promotes mainly courses and jobs within the niche. My site is monetised with Google Adsense, so I'm not looking to promote specific courses or purchases in general.

A large number of course books have been donated to me by publishers within this niche and I'm wondering what to do with them!

These are my ideas, but I'm hoping someone else will have a better idea. The aim of this exercise is to increase traffic to my website (signups is a secondary consideration). These are my thoughts:

1. Set up a Facebook 'like this page to win some books' promotion (not done this before, but I see it all the time). My Facebook page is seriously lacking numbers.
2. I need lots more content on my site for SEO purposes, so maybe 'write a 600 word article on x' and each person receives a pack of books.

I really want to increase my Facebook page likes - any other suggestions?


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