Paydotcom or Clickbank?

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Which do you prefer?
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    The only way you would get more affiliates to promote your product is if it is quality. If a super-affiliate on Clickbank likes your product, you can bet it will take off with the super-affiliate's knowhow.

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    If you get approval, I would pick Clickbank. More affiliates will pick it up (if you provide quality, have low refunds and offer an EXCELLENT sales page that converts)
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    I use both . I like both . Those that think clickbank has better affiliates are not all wrong but if you get a good pdc affiliate life is great .

    I have one affiliate from England on pdc that is remarkable . I have started setting up special pages just for her that offers higher commissions and she still makes me more profit than any 3 of my other affiliates .

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    I tried using Paydotcom a couple of years ago... or maybe more... and they were agonizingly slow when the reader clicked through from an affiliate link. Is that still the case?
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    ClickBank marketplace does NOT help you if you can't get the product ranked high.
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    If you are doing one, then it is only a bit more work to do both.

    Start Clickbank (since it is better) and then do Paydot.

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    Look at it this way:

    Getting affiliates can be difficult no matter where your product is listed. However, with Clickbank, affiliates don't have to worry about things like, "will the vendor definately pay me", etc.

    I don't have any experience using PayDotCom as a vendor or affiliate. But, as an affiliate, the above kind of question would always run through my mind.

    Therefore, I would be more likely to promote a Clickbank product than a PayDotCom one.

    So, I'd say, give yourself the best chance and use Clickbank.
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    Another thing to consider, is that using Clickbank can often be better for your conversion rate as it allows the buyer to purchase with their credit card instead of just Paypal... I think a lot of consumers are scared of Paypal for whatever reason.

    I'd go with Clickbank first definately, and then may be Paydotcom as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Originally Posted by Trixxie12 View Post

    Which would be better to use? I'm thinking about going with paydotcom simply because i prefer being paid by paypal. I already have payments setup via paypal on my page.

    I would like to go with clickbank because I have heard they get more affiliates promoting the products there, but what puts me off is that there are so many products on clickbank, that I really doubt my PLR products will get many affiliates from there.

    Any advice?

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    What else is there apart from Clickbank and Paydotcom?, I currently use both but I would say potdotcom still has a long way to go.

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